The Charlie Bravo Story

Dream on

Sunday morning at the Casa; line after line of storms have marched through the area, and if the past is any indication of the future, there will be more forthcoming. That’s the thing about storms; as long as we’re alive, we can count on them occurring. If the approaching fronts happen to be far enough apart to give us time to recover, storms are sometimes nothing more than a inconvenience, or even a pleasant diversion.

But it’s when they come back to back in quick succession that they can test our resolve. Trees fall when their support systems are weakenend by constant rainfall, then the wind and hail complete the tragedy trifecta, thectrees fall and your nerves are then further tested by the incessant cacophony of chainsaws.

So here we are. The twin storms of Max and Bull Taco has weakened the root system a bit, causing dad to question some of our past and even future behaviour. What if something were to happen to me out in the mountains? What if he had to tell this same story about another dog? Instead of bold and daring, what if our actions were suddenly seen as stupid and reckless? What if? What if? What if???

Well, what the freaking if?

I didn’t survive my incarceration in the crate to trade it’s clautrophobic confines for another prison cell constructed of my own fear, or anyone else’s, for that matter. Max and Bull lived to go on trips with Miss Elsie, but the bike is MY lifeline.

Bull was an indomitable little warrior. Although the outcome was tragic, I can’t help but think that this exactly how he would have wanted his story to end, a miniature Don Quixote charging full tilt at an overwhelming enemy, dad bringing up the rear like a pudgy Sancho Panza that had misplaced his mule.

Sometimes the dream doesn’t end up the way we see it playing out in our minds, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t keep chasing that dream. And living my story IS a dream; not in some ethereal sweet by and by, but in a sometimes nasty now and now. And come what may, we’re going to keep living the dream.

I know dogs, and that’s exactly how Stevie, Max, and Bull Taco would have wanted it, and even if they didn’t, that’s how it would be. For I am Charlemagne Bravisimo, Lady Charles the Nubian Princess, the Warrior of the Wasteland, the Czarina of Chark, the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla.

as it is written, so shall it be done.

Charlie out.

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  1. Pattie Mayhew Mongillo

    You make me smile, laugh and cry all at once.

  2. Candi Hedgpeth Schriefer

    And as always, dear Charlie, you have brought calm to the storms.

  3. Lori Stiefel

    You are a Good Girl Charlie! You and the rest just keep on keeping on!!!

  4. Patsy Patten

    We had massive storms in TX yesterday too. Also had three tornados that killed several.

  5. Linda Hubbard

    I fear if something is not done about these marauding dogs, that t hey will come after Charlie next.

  6. Carol Lingster

    and ofcourse, Dad is right: Every single fur ball at the Casa would not have it any other way as long as they were part of the Dad and the Mom’s pack!

  7. Janice Mecca

    Words well said. Let the good prevail it’s always a fight but like the storms that come through our lives the sun will shine even stronger!

  8. Sandy Lane

    Your positivity throughout the tragedies and the adventures are an inspiration to us all. I admire your spunk, Charlie girl. (and Dad, of course) Seize the day! ❤

  9. Debbie Vowels

    You always know the right thing to say Charlie girl, even in the darkest times. I admire that, since I would have no words at a time like this.

  10. Jodi Aucoin

    Ya’ll stay safe. Hugs to all.

  11. Lynn Hudson

    You are all amazing …love and hugs from East Kent UK xxx

  12. Linda Fleming

    I hope you will turn your stories into a book. Love them. The world stops while I embark on these adventures & stories.

  13. Sandy Runyon Lough

    Absolute gold, yet again. CB, you are one exceptional wordsmith. You make better sense of this old world than just about anyone out there. I know your wisdom has certainly corrected and adjusted my way of misthinking on more than one occasion. I wish long and happy days to all at the casa and send my heartfelt love and appreciation.

  14. Faith Kidwell

    Charlie Bravo – The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story.. Charlie my girl, you are a very wise pup.. to live in fear of an outcome we can not predict is wasting our lives, we must live our lives to the fullest or live with regret. Much love to the Casa!

  15. Trudy Simmons

    From Shasta and Tigger, who have enjoyed their own miracle of living the dream, to you and yours.

  16. Vickie Bellus

    Dearest Charlie the awesome! Thank you for your words and stories, they never fail to bring a smile to my face. Keep living the dream!!! <3

  17. Marlene Petsche

    You are always such an inspiration. Enjoy each moment of each day because we never know when God will call us home. Love y’all

  18. Jeanne Mancinelli

    Beautiful message spoken by an indomitable spirit.

  19. Tammy Jones

    Charlie, Your pa is wise to battle doubt because thinking things through is good. Here is my take girl, you are a beacon of light that has made people come together. Stevie, Max and Taco were part of the light that made the Casa even brighter. Their light still shines but in a different way. It now shines through us that have them etched in our memories. The storm may have changed things but the Casa is always in transition of being rebuilt. It may not be the same but can be as good once time has passed for a while. Love to past that was once there, to the present we can hold onto and the future of hope, peace and the unknown!

  20. Jane Leffman

    Hey Charlie. I see you, always looking ahead to the horizon and the sunrise; never back to the valley of the shadow You go pup! X

  21. Sam Howard

    Charlie will keep us going thru thick and thin.

  22. Jannie Maxwell

    Chark on. And on and on❤️

  23. Maria Dawybida Minerley

    Thanks for this Charlie. I truly needed this post, and need it often. Chark on! <3

  24. Cathy Bacigalupi

    Not to be a Nelly Knigge Tori, but something must be done about the neighbor situation. Because next time it might not be a dog it might be a child. I don’t blame the dogs I blame the dog owners. They need to be held responsible for what happened. If need be the dogs need to be rehomed. Thank you, CB, for infusing us with your zest for life. Too much disheartening garbage out there these days.

  25. Joan Riker Emmons

    Wisely written Charlie girl. Made me think about things, my dreams that I STILL have NOT accomplished but want to in the worst way(s). It’s time to tackle them no more waiting. Life is too short!!!!

  26. Michelle Melvin

    Princess peanut says love comes in many ways and in many sizes are souls may leave but, our hearts willl always stay with you. RIP Bull Taco and Max love is a powerful thing and everyone will remember and love you both forever.

  27. Krystal Kinder

    We need these rain storms in Florida bad! Send the rain our way to put out these fires we have. It’s so dry and hot here. Wish I had a pool!

  28. Debbie Briscoe

    You’re an amazing writer! I’m so sorry dad had to witness that horrific event. I once fought a big dog for my tiny kitten. We lost.

  29. Diana O'Connell

    The storms of life make us, more than they break us. We all face them, and we survive them one way or another. Losing our comrades along the way builds our faith in another life, one greater than this battlefield, even though we feel the pains of sorrow for their loss, we fight the good battle, the higher cause, the graceful glory.

  30. Lisa Taylor

    Have had storms like at the Casa for three or four days in Indianapolis Indiana got one moving thru right now. As a child my grandma would say it was God up above bowling ha ha.

  31. Jody Hess-Franey

    You gotta live CB! Chark the day and roll on!!

  32. Risa Burgess Platt

    Charlie, I just told someone very dear to me that we are not to live our lives in fear… 2 Timothy tells us that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love… Bull Taco had that spirit of power, and I will forever think if him as one fierce dude!! You, CB, are the bravest and the most powerful of them all.. your power and your bigger than life spirit of love leading you through an unspeakable time and into the spotlight – reminding us all what love really is. Dont let Dad give up.. keep nudging him forward!! <3

  33. Michelle Melvin

    Everyone at the Casa stay safe

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