The Charlie Bravo Story

God will provide.

Dad here; Charlie’s off gallivanting with Clyde, and not doing her usual Sunday AM diligence; I went to bed last night with nothing on my mind, but things worked as things usually do, and here we are. The back porch is awash with vicious hummingbirds, the only thing breaking up the onslaught is a tribe of goofy dogs occasionally stampeding across the porch.

Some may wonder why the emphasis on the blog with the story of Trevor, but without the story of Trevor, there would probably be no story of Charlie. Trevor was known for the chronicles of his cross country trips; some have been complimentary of my writing, but Trevor was the master that inspired it all. Check out his blog for just a sample:

Then it all came to a screeching halt, when four years ago he was struck down from behind by a speeding drunk driver, hit so hard that his bike was carried over a mile away stuck in the grill of Nathan Ray’s Mercedes; Trevor’s apparently lifeless body left in the middle lane of I-40. After a pair of angels on a bike found him and kept oncoming traffic from finishing the job that Ray started, paramedics arrived and transported him to a local hospital. His prognosis was so grim that the they didn’t give him much hope, and the resulting lack of care contributed to his recovery. More details are contained in the book, so I won’t go in to them here. To say that the medical and justice systems have NOT been kind to Trevor is the understatement of the century. To compound the situation, he has an autistic brother, and his mother Pam is a selfless saint of the highest order; I understand that Mother Teresa is to be canonized, and it is my opinion that Pam should be right there with her.

This is where I became involved; his writing and experiences caused me, at 50 years old to take a chance and do a little adventuring of my own and at the same time, raise a little cash and awareness. That trip continues to this day, crazy experiences and “chance” meetings coming so fast and constant that Pam told me “you HAVE to write a book!”, but how? I had never written a thing that didnt involve work. Then I had my own life threatening accident,and the first phone call I remember receiving while laying in that hospital bed pooping down my side was from Pam, now living across the country: “this is your chance to write that book.”

Again, how? Obviously, I would have the time, but no still no idea where to begin, bu then I found Charlie, and she provided the voice.

For the first year and a half after becoming acquainted with Trevor, his cause was an obsession; mom and the kids were as supportive as you can imagine, but somewhat perplexed, as was I, as to why I was so driven. Then as suddenly as it began, the Ware family moved away and it was apparently over, but was it? The team that came together during that time, Fletch, Ryan, Angela, Erin, Nathan, Jimmy, Josh, and many more, became a family that stays connected to this day, brought together by a seemingly hopeless situation; sound familiar?

And now you know a little backstory; we be of one blood, ye and I.

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