The Charlie Bravo Story

Predawn at the Casa

Up! UP! scoot over! Get off! OFF! Really, Charlie? In the mouth? Down! Max, get your clingy self out of my face! Get back! Backbackbackbackback! Off the bed! Let’s go outside, waitwaitwait, are you consciously trying to cave in my kneecaps? Sheesh…


So this is how we found ourselves loaded up in Miss Ellie and headed for parts unknown; Charlie’s ears popping in the pre-dawn breeze while I commandeered my usual spot on the armrest. Just like road trips invariably end up in Colorado or New Mexico, local trips seem to always end up at the Arkansas river, and this one was no different; we pulled into the launch area as the fishermen and flatwater kayakers were unlimbering their steeds. Charlie immediately set off on one of her recconasaince missions in search of dead fish or something else interesting to waller in, but I stay close to dad, as I’ve heard tails about the creatures that lurk in the murky depths.

After a spectacular sunrise (aren’t they all, especially if you’re around to see them?), we demanded vittles, but as it was still too early for the precious little coffee shop, we settled for the local drive through. We picked up some burritos for the inmates still incarcerated at the Casa, and dad, Charlie, and I(not necessarily in that order) took turns hitting on a mocha shake until my head disappeared into the cup.

Now we’re back home, and the day is just beginning; dad and Zach are going to try to sneak off on the bikes without Charlie knowing; you can only imagine how THAT’S going to work out. Me?

I’m going back to bed;

Max out.

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  1. Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

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  2. Lisa Taylor

    Good morning Charlie and the other house mates Good morning Dad to all of them. Dad needs hammock so he can Gets some shut eye but knowing Charlie she would find a way to get into it lol Have Great day at the Casa!

  3. Jan Davis

    Awesome sunrise.. Hope you all have a great weekend…

  4. Sam Howard

    BEE-U-tiful shot. Have a great weekend and be safe everyone at Casa del Wacko.

  5. Sandy Runyon Lough

    Beautiful, beautiful. Sun comes up over the distant mountains here on the left coast but too much city and concrete to be well seen from my vantage point. But, oh, the sunsets over the ocean!

  6. Leigh Pevreal

    Oh my god, that photo is spectacular! (Good luck with ‘neaking off without Charlie noticing!)

  7. Sherry Ralph Jadrnak


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