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Houseguests at the Casa

Wookie the Redbone Hormone Storm and Princess Leia the Perpetually Shivering are spending the week at the Resort de la Whackos. More on their stories later, but dad’s going to use this opportunity to roll out the Charlie Bravo channel on YouTube with the following embarrassing video of Wookie breaking my ankles; this was our first encounter and I underestimated the gangly oaf, a mistake I will NOT be making again!

I also now have my own Instagram page, @charliebravomrd, I will be posting links to both in the comments section, so please like and share!

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  1. Jimmie James

    He definitely has some moves that would make Walter Payton jealous.

  2. Christine Raznoff

    Yessss, this is exactly what the world needs – dogs playing! We should all be like dogs – running full speed (if only in short spurts) and playing ’til our heart is content.

  3. Kim Orvis

    Best thing to watch first thing in the morning instead of all the blah on the news.

  4. Robin D Mahan

    They will get ya! Hahaha 🙂

  5. Sam Howard

    How fun, more Charlie on u-tube I can handle that.

  6. Cynthia Finkbeiner Glazier

    I love seeing pictures and videos of Charlie. This once poor, neglected dog lives a beautiful life! Just goes to show with love, there is hope!

  7. Jennifer Pershing

    normal young hound my bro has one that wld do that other dogs she cant now due her age she barely can move she wld flip e her brother in mid run .

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