The Charlie Bravo Story

Le Bull de la Taco

Psst… que pasa, Charlee?

What’s up, Bultaco?

How does one know when one ees truly an inmate of zee Casa, and not intransiente’?

Well, Bull, there is no vetting process, you just show up and kind of stick around, and you eventually become family. The same is true of my siblings around the world; most show up in the beginning just to check out the train wreck that is the Casa del Whackos and quickly transform from casual observers to inmates.

But how does one know REALLY know that a change of address ees not in my future? That I weel not be deported?

Well, one sign is when you stake out your claim on the bed; another is when you start getting invited along for rides to the hardware store, trips to Sonic, or even aimless drives “just because”. But in my case, as well of that of Miss Ellie, Stevie, et al, I knew I was a permanent fixture when I found my voice; it’s a lot more difficult for dad to re-home a dog that has the ability to divulge what REALLY goes on behind the scenes of the Casa, at least until the statute of limitations expires.

Zees ees great news! I must send immediate word to mi familia in the old country, that they might begeen their journey’s north!

You might want to re-think that decision, Bull; between Max, Mia, Angel, and myself, the dad-lovin’s are getting spread pretty thin as it is. Do you really want to bring more dogs into the equation?

Oh, Charlee, you must learn to theenk outside zee box; I have zee secret weapon!

Oh? What’s that?

Mi nuevo mamacita! I weel make her MY loyal subject! While you and Papa are on trips on le motorcyclia, I weel cast mi spell on her! I weel hog her side of zee bed! Her burritos shall be MI burritos!

Yo, Bull…

Si, Charlee?

You’re not as helpless as you look.

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  1. Elaine McLemore

    You know when you’re a permanent fixture, when in the beginning you know Mom rules and you became her side kick and not dads! Lol…:)

  2. Sarah Reynolds Adair

    No one stood a chance….did they Mom?

  3. Ruth Gutierrez

    Welcome to La Casa mijo! Sir Pepe The worried of the order of The Perpetually Horny. And Lady Nana Maria Conchita queen of La Casa. I Pepe never suffered the indignities of la calle, but Lady Nana suffered for two years the harshest most dire conditions until mamacita rescue her. Now we are Chihuahuas Maximus, with 2 servants and more than 5 beds, all the toilet paper we can have and steak once a week. Señor Bull keep working your mamacita, use often the chihuahua eye, and tiny paw approach. Lady Nana have a crush on you, she wants to get to know you (wink wink)

  4. Kathy Moody

    Great picture Senor Bultaco. We all knew you were here to stay. Just took dad a little longer?

  5. Susan Stroda

    “Yo Bull ,you’re not as helpless as you look”… HAHAHA!

  6. Sandy Runyon Lough

    Bienvenido, Bulltaco. You have arrived and so shall it be.

  7. Kim Griffin

    Everyone knows Mamacita is the true ruler of the Casa and you, Bultaco, are a true Casanova. Dad you better watch out!

  8. Gail Morse

    Oh my gosh, the look of innocence, they sure do have a way of wrapping themselves around your little finger or whatever, haha

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