The Charlie Bravo Story

What do you live for?

I live to tell the story
The story of the crate
That no matter where you’re trapped in life
It never is too late
Now the ties that used to bind me
Define the task that’s been assigned me
Forget the past that’s placed behind me
And do the good that I can do.

I live to ride cross country
On the back of dad’s black bike
My ramblings? not just physical
Sometimes my words are just alike.
Frequent the hidden places
Seek out forgotten faces
Embrace wide open spaces
Like my words, no end in sight.

I live to make a difference
No matter how odd the way
A dog with pen and parchment
And quite a lot to say
Bards and scribes, poets and sages
Philosophers from all the ages
My words conceived from all their pages
That there is good in every day.

I live to show those damaged
Service to others is it’s own reward
To ensure the their own cup stays filled
They must from it daily pour
Reach out to every stranger
let others worry about the danger
Not a lemming but a changer
Someone’s faith in good restored.

I live for those unwanted
Left to wallow in their grime
those told they no longer matter
Cast aside by the hand of time
To learn from past affliction,
Seek out the truth, forsake the fiction
And to form my own conviction
Refuse to feast upon the slime.

I live for those kindred spirits
That share one blood, they and I
Whose actions make all the difference
By their works, He’s glorified
The hopeless cause that needs assistance
the awful wrong that needs resistance
For the reward in the distance.
And the good that we can do.

Charlie Bravo

Chark Diem

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