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Miss Ellie rides again

For most of the inmates of the Casa del Whackos, things seem to come hard and fast. I guess that we have no one to blame but ourselves, as life tends to come at you faster when you twist the throttle, or in my case, double pump my accelerator.

Miss Ellie the old Subaru here; since my semi-retirement at the Casa, I’ve been spending my days drowsing under my cover out back, but always ready to have my carburetor tickled and feel the fluids start to once again flow.

Dad and Charlie didn’t even have a chance to get the bike unloaded from their recent trip out west when they received a call from a dog in need; it seems someone had dumped a sleek girl at a local truck stop, and to add insult to injury, she was obviously recovering from a recent surgery. Sometimes all you can do is the best you can do and worry about it at night, and that’s exactly what a lady named Ginger did, taking the personable girl to a local shelter.

But sometimes life isn’t what’s featured on a cereal box, and the shelter turned out to be a high kill shelter due to overcrowding; when this was discovered, others attempted to adopt her before she could be put down. The problem was that she was scheduled for the big sleep on Monday, and Monday was the first day that the shelter was open for adoption. Obviously, quick action was in order.

To be brutally honest, dad was not especially pleased to be enlisted, but what are you going to do? Sometimes doing what’s right is not always easy. But that conscience-thing (and mom) started applying the pressure, and that’s when my services as official rescue vehicle of the Casa del Whackos were reactivated, and off we went on another mission.

So now there’s another inmate (for now) at the asylum, and her name (for now) is Sandy.
She was obviously someone’s dog, as she hopped right up and immediately hogged my passenger seat like she had been there her whole life. When we got to the Casa, she invited herself right in. She appears to be less than a year old, and her recent surgery was to remove her lady bits. She has not been microchipped, just another casualty in the ongoing War of Indifference.

Or not; I must admit, it felt pretty dang sparky to once more be of service. Sitting out back under a tarp is NOT how this old girl envisions spending her golden years, so we’ll have to wait and see how this situation unfolds. I do know that we’re running out of accommodations at the Casa, but somehow, things always work out.

Stay tuned…

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  1. Debbie Marine Whinnery

    You are a blessing to these sweet furbabies!

  2. Eileen Myers

    Another lucky fur baby ….

  3. Sherry Ralph Jadrnak

    I envision some “Ghostbuster” type graphics on Miss Ellie soon! With flashing lights and a treat dispenser! Bonus points for the rescue outfits for the inmates! “WHO YA GONNA CALL?

  4. Sue Polley Dauphinee

    Welcome to the Casa Sandy! You are a very lucky girl.

  5. Liz Bell Dotterer

    It was Sandy’s lucky day. I hope she finds her forever home quickly and is loved unconditionally.

  6. Ellen Simpson

    Looks right at home, right there…… ❤️❤️

  7. Kathy Moody

    She looks pretty good, both Miss Ellie and Sandy.

  8. Janice Mecca

    Go Miss Ellie the rescue chariot. You guys are the best. Here’s hoping Sandy finds a loving home!

  9. Annette Eakins

    Welcome! You are one lucky dog!

  10. Ethel Sleith

    “Dad was not especially pleased to be enlisted.” It’s a front. He’s the biggest softie on the planet! I think he’d like to keep that quiet, but we can see right through him. Now, what did Charlie have to say?

  11. Diane Brannon-Keech

    It’s a “Dogs Purpose” in real life. Maybe Sandy has a real purpose at the Casa?? Sent from heaven as a gift perhaps??

  12. Courtney Staroba LeBeau

    Sandy won the puppy lottery when this family took her in ❤️

  13. Sarah Myers

    I hope many people get to that hill kill shelter and start adopting all the dogs and not leave them behind to die.

  14. Caitlin Kelly-Jensen

    At least she was fixed. Lucky pup to have found Miss Ellie and the Casa

  15. Jannie Maxwell

    We sometimes blindly follow the path given, and the consequences can be filled with rewards. Sounds like everyone has been rewarded! And Sandy’s previous “owners” will enjoy the consequences.

  16. Becky Casper Wiltsee

    Go Miss Ellie! Thank you, dad, mom & Charlie

  17. Kathleen Ellis Delatorre

    “It’s always a party at the casa”

  18. Cathy Brown

    There are enough connections with dog lovers on this blog/Facebook that there is someone out there willing to foster or adopt this girl.

  19. Carol Lingster

    I like “Miss Ellie”; I also like “Chuck Wagon” in honor of Charlie, her daddy, and the number of canines that clamor up in there for a ride like there’s some good grub to be had…

  20. Jane Leffman

    Good job Miss Ellie. Make yourself at home Sandy. The Casa is the place to be. You landed on your 4 paws there x

  21. Dana Brown Partaker

    Thanks for your service Ellie! I can’t imagine someone caring enough for Sandy to spay her and then dump her! Nothing about that makes sense but in the rescue world, it never does! Hopefully someone can step up for her soon!!! Keep fighting the good fight!!

  22. Linda Hubbard

    If you want(?) to find Sandy’s owners, you can post her on Arkansas Lost and Found Pet Network. Then again you may want to rehome her with better parents. Or Just let her stay home at the Casa. What better reward! Thanks, Bret, for doing the right thing, like you always do.

  23. Phillip Wilson

    That girl is so sweet, well mannered, so loyal just the time i spent with her trying to find her owner, she’s a great girl. Thank you for being able to give her something more stable and yes she loves to ride i couldnt get her out of my car she loved it so much.

  24. Kate King Williams

    You are the best Miss Ellie

  25. Sandy Runyon Lough

    I’m especially pleased at the name chosen for this young lady. It has served me quite well and I pray it will her, too.

  26. Danielle Scott

    Welcome to the Casa, Sandy!

  27. Cathy Bacigalupi

    Perhaps Sandy is the embodiment of those souls that departed way too soon. Way to go miss Ellie and CB!

  28. Faith Kidwell

    It’s does not make sense to me someone would spend the money to have her spayed then dump her made she got loose from her owner… what ever the case may be she is safe and sound now good job Ms Ellie! And Dad

  29. Sam Howard

    Miss Ellie, about time you were needed and a good mission indeed. Thanks, “Dear Wackos” for saving yet another beautiful soul.

  30. Lisa Taylor

    So glad Sandy found her way to you!

  31. Evelyn Pretty

    Thing happen for a reason!! I like the Go Fund Me idea Mikki Calm!! It could help fund a new fence, doggie supplies, a couple of dog runs and some dog houses!!

  32. Diane Ragusett

    Well, isn’t Sandy the luckiest dog to get to join the C del W’s?? So happy for her.

  33. Maria Dawybida Minerley

    Thank you Charlie and company for saving this beautiful soul. I know it’s hard to serve in the way that you do but it’s so special that you always see your way through. Chark on!

  34. Susan Jensen Bittner

    Welcome Sandy!! ❤️❤️

  35. Lori Stiefel

    You Winingars are some amazing people!! I am sooo moved by your loving and protective spirits!! I believe angels, in all forms, walk the Earth. Sandy’s rescue reaffirmed my belief!!! She’s another beautiful girl, just like Charlie and Mia!!!

  36. Michelle Melvin

    They don’t need to be found if they dumped her.

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