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My Corona

Corona comes to the Casa…

Three days ago, I started feeling a bit under the weather. Cramps, chills, having to run around the toilet just so I could hit the water; probably just a cold, I thought. But I NEVER get sick; if something happens to me, it’s usually the result of some sort of trauma, not a germ. Besides, I’ve been vaccinated, and to the very best of my knowledge, have not been around anyone that has been symptomatic. But here I am, flat on my back wishing that I wasn’t.

I’m not too sure exactly how I feel about this. On one hand, the Omnicron variant is supposed to be a much less virulent strain with less severe symptoms. It would seem to my simple way of thinking that if contracting a milder form of Covid is a way of building natural immunity, I say bring it on and get it over with.

But on the other, what if it’s not the kinder, gentler Covid? I just received word that my buddy Shane was put on a vent today. And always present in the back of my mind is Marty, who’s ashes I carried to the top of Ophir Pass in Colorado last summer.  Not to be melodramatic, but this here’s serious business.

But just because I tested positive doesn’t mean I can’t be positive. Long before Corona was even heard of, John Steinbeck said “A sad soul can kill you quicker, far quicker, than any germ.” In other words, nothing is as bad as worrying about it. I survived a ruptured colon back in 2014 that ultimately set the whole saga of Charlie Bravo in motion; what might be the result of the current state of affairs?

And just what do the dogs think of this? It’s all a matter of perspective;  what is “quarantine” to you and I is “DAD’S ON THE COUCH!!!” to them. This is a good thing if I’m in the “chill” part of the cycle, as four snoring and farting canines make a great homeopathic electric blanket. But this is not a good thing when the temps turn menopausal; then even having a tiny Micro Polo wadded up on my chest seems to generate enough heat to power a small city.

We’ll keep you posted, as that’s what family does…

We be of one blood, ye and I.

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