The Charlie Bravo Story

Ode to a Max

I remember the day I first met you
In the mountains full of rain and thick fog
You stayed still and so quiet, until we reached home that night
Then instantly became a new dog.

You were there before all the others
Through difficult times full of strife
Many miles east and west, perched on the armrest
Traveling together down the highway of life

Your presence is still constant as always
The memories will always be warm
What easily could be viewed by some as just needy
Was devotion in its true form

Your lesson will long be remembered
Spring, summer, winter and fall
It is better to have loved, to loved hard and lost
Than to never have loved at all.

(Although between me and you, I sometimes don’t really believe it)

We’ll meet again, ya hairy little goober…

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  1. Diane Brannon-Keech

    Looks just like him!. Captured his expression so well too!

  2. Ethel Sleith

    That’s beautiful, Bret. Love the drawing!

  3. Joey Mortrude Daniel

    I’m so, so sorry!! Prayers for peace for your broken heart!

  4. Rose Bortolussi

    Such a heartwarming tribute. Stay strong.

  5. Valerie Joyce Kerr

    Love it – fitting tribute to a special being. The memories do stay warm ❤❤

  6. Darcy Roberts

    Although i never”met” him my heart was bursting with love for him. I too cannot read many of the posts about him without having to use a box of tissues. You truly touched everyones heart Max E Million!! Great homage to a most precious baby!!! Continued thoughts and prayers to the entire Casa! Love y’all

  7. Sarah Reynolds Adair

    Oh my heart….while yours is in pieces….

  8. Lynn Hudson

    Great memories…and a gorgeous pooch <3

  9. Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

    The portrait is the work of Alexandra M Winingar… she needs to do a book cover!

  10. Annette Eakins

    So moving. Trying not to cry at work.

  11. Nancy McIntyre Lohnes

    awh that’s really beautiful….hopefully you have found the owners of those dogs and notified them of this tragedy that happened.

  12. April Freeman

    What a perfect tribute. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Anna Staffini Cammelli

    Heartbreaking tribute to a unique and never-ending bond that’s only yours.

  14. Lisa Kuehl

    Wonderful words of remembrance.. amazing how they remain in parts of our hearts forever..❤️

  15. Pam Rollins

    Love The Ode to Max. Just lovely. And Alexandra Winingar had drawn a beautiful portrait. Thinking of you all at the Casa missing the hairy little goober ❤️

  16. Kim Griffin

    Beautiful tribute! Alexandra is very talented! ❤

  17. Ann Ownsby-Scott

    What a tribute to Max…..You are the best Brent and your fur babies are so lucky to have you as their Dad.

  18. Christine Carr Reese

    I wish I could give you a real-in-person hug right now. I’ve lost too many 4-legged babies to violence. <3 Max will always be there, in your heart and memories.

  19. Robin D Mahan

    Beautiful…. just like Max.

  20. Joan Riker Emmons

    Written from the heart and very talented artist drawing. You should write a book of your adventures.

  21. Dona Becker

    How beautiful! What a heartwarming tribute.

  22. Claudia Burris

    Wonderful tribute to Max Bret ! The drawing of Max is beautiful !!

  23. Charlotte Reid

    This is beautiful , brought tears to my eyes…I am so very sorry for your loss,I can only imagine your pain. Xoxo

  24. Yvonne Adams

    Beautiful. And my heart continues to break for you. The pain of losing a beloved dog is magnified by the tragedy of the way he died. Sorry again. Peace to your heart my friend.

  25. Rita Wise

    Beautiful tribute! Many thoughts and prayers go out to you and all at the Casa

  26. Marlene Petsche

    That is so beautiful Bret. He was a very special boy

  27. Faith Kidwell

    Bret Winingar that is a beautiful poem, and Alex did a beautiful picture of Max E Million.

  28. Sherry Ralph Jadrnak

    Whew! Shouldn’t have read this while at work..tears are flowing.

  29. Megan Anderson

    He is always with you <3

  30. Beverly Paul

    Beautiful tribute to Max E Million. Thinking of the Casa del Whackos especially you Bret.

  31. Susan Stroda

    Beautiful tribute to the little goober.

  32. Manu White

    What happened? I’m so sorry!!! ❤️

  33. Kathy Rakes

    What a perfect tribute.

  34. Jannie Maxwell

    Max will keep a spot warm for you❤

  35. Lori Stiefel

    Beautilly written and drawn! Both writing and sketch evoke hearfelt messages…

  36. Serena Nicosia

    Dear Charlie, this tribute to Max has me really touched!!! <3

  37. Nancy Moore

    Beautiful poem for your special guy. It’s so sad, I’m sorry for your loss and I hope for peace for you and your family. he will always be in your heart

  38. Fran Scott

    Max and Stevie are waiting for you at the Bridge

  39. Gail Morse

    Beautiful poem Bret & awesome stretch of dear Max, soo sadly missed & loved so much, RIP Max

  40. Laurie S. McLendon

    Breaks my heart as I know it did yours –
    You are such a great hearted person and you can tell how so by the way all of your little inmates look at you and trust you and how well they each adjusted after such trauma in their lives . You have that touch and all animals know this. I pray you find peace and comfort in knowing you were his best!

  41. Anna Farmer

    Deeply sorry, your words are true. You always carry loved ones in your heart.

  42. Margo Meyer

    Beautifully said. I would love to send a picture of my baby, Peeka, to the artist for a sketching. Again, I am so incredibly sorry for Max’s passing. But they will always be in our memories which last foever.

  43. Jan Bendall

    Yes you will meet again. And in between this little meaningful gorgeous dog will be sitting on your shoulder. That’s what doggies do. They make sure that we love everyone the way they loved us. Even when they are gone. Many gentle thoughts to you.

  44. Virginia Hill Redmond

    ~Beautiful words to honor a FRIEND.~

  45. Stephanie Walroth Price

    That was very beautiful and moving. I am so sorry for your loss of Max. Losing our best friends and soul companions always takes a piece of our heart with them.

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