The Charlie Bravo Story

One of these things was not like the other

What a week; return from a whirlwind trip out west, and Monday dad returned to the daily grind to only find that someone pulled the plug on the grinder, and that was the last time I’ve seen him dress in his usual emasculating ensemble insipidly described as “business casual”. One day of Levi’s, since then it’s been Wranglers.

For the last twenty one years, golf shirts and khakis(honey, do these pants make my butt look big? Of course they do, they’re PLEATED DOCKERS!) with the ubiquitous laminated identity badge(security? Really? What’s at risk here, scratch pads and ink pens?) have been the approved uniform of Those That Make The Rules.

Well, that ship has sailed, that train has left the station, that paste has left the tube, that poop has left the… well, you’re getting the picture. When Zach was going to prom, he was considering a flashy tuxedo, when dad had only one question to consider:

What would Dean Martin do?

I’m not suggesting that tuxes should be daily business attire, but what happened to men dressing like men and not sartorial little boys? Since when did baggy shorts, blousy button downs and sandals become acceptable attire for anywhere besides Maui?

Or on the other hand, can you see Mike Rowe showing up for Dirty Jobs wearing Dockers and wing tips? He’s a class act, but knows that there is a time and a place for everything except for the unholy combination of “business” and “casual”. Even Yoda, with his wardrobe consisting of one moldy gray robe, knew that “do or do not, there are no Dockers”.

Clothes, car, compensation, all these crates are now gone, but now comes the dreaded duo of complacency and procrastination. Like finding my crate that day on January, this situation must also be viewed as what it is, a great gift not to be squandered, so it’s onward and upward.

But it’s also an opportunity to spend more time with me, as it IS officially Charlie Bravo Day. I am currently bringing in my best lobbyists to float the idea that every day should be CBD, but I am getting some blow back from Max’s side of the aisle, that hairy little partisan; I’ll settle HIS hash at the next committee meeting…

Chark diem!

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  1. Cherie Crosby Baker

    Karma….there is something better waiting for you just around the bend.

  2. Kathy West

    Charlie, tell Dad he has had a week off now time to get writing on your story and get that book out of his mind onto the pages of paper.

  3. Marlene Petsche

    Enjoy this time because soon it will be back to a daily grind

  4. Valerie Joyce Kerr

    These things happen for a reason

  5. Cathy Buro-Yauch

    I agree. Live in sweatpants while finishing the book! Nothing gets the juices flowing like a good comfy pair of sweatpants and a cup of Charlie’s coffee! All while the furry inmates lay by your side <3.

  6. Annie Parisella

    If you don’t dress like a beige robot, how will you know how to act like one? I am excited for your new adventure. You have sown much good, now just prepare for the harvest.

  7. Kathy Moody

    Even with the grey gloomy clouds and rain here, the fact that it is Charlie Bravo Day makes me smile.

  8. Deb Silva

    For me… everyday IS Charlie Bravo Day! We all must seize what ever we can out of every day as we never know what is around the corner.

  9. Sam Howard

    Looks like a beautiful day to play.

  10. Fran Scott

    Chark diem is the only way to go 🙂

  11. Maria Dawybida Minerley

    Dad’s a wonderful writer. Maybe a novel is in his future.

  12. Jody Hess-Franey

    Girls rule Charlie! I say CBD every day!

  13. Beth King

    My hoooge company was bought out and over a year ago I found myself (figuratively) on the curb with my box of personals, nearly 22 years and nearly 60 years old. While I do need employment for a few years yet, I have thoroughly enjoyed practicing for retirement. You will, too. It’s so nice to slow down!

  14. Sherry Ralph Jadrnak

    As soon as I get home from my “crate” I change into my PJ’S!

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