The Charlie Bravo Story


“Anyone driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone driving faster than you is a maniac” -George Carlin

This seems to be the prevailing attitude when it comes to self-isolation. When we see those around us looking for any reason whatsoever to “just run to the store EVERY SINGLE DAY”, it builds a great deal of resentment in those of us who are at least making a good faith effort to adhere to the quarantine. And to the incessant hunter-seekers who’s life is somehow not complete without a daily excursion to the Wal Marks, anyone questioning of their actions is greeted with a condescending nod; poor guy/gal, such a worry wart he is.

Then there are those gloves. My pet peeve for years has been cigarettes; not the actual smoking, but that the disposing of the butts on the ground is somehow socially acceptable. Now people are littering the landscape with their five fingered blue condoms, in shopping carts, sidewalks, anywhere they damn well please, thoughtless to the fact that someone else has to pick up their waterlogged funky finger wear. Really? This is the equivalent of those inbred types to whom the flushing of a public toilet is an alien concept.

It all stems from this new religion who’s congregations seems to be swelling these days, the worship of self. Our Lady of the Immaculate Me First. The First Church of Our Blessed Entitlement. The #metoo movement has quietly evolved into #mefirst, #blm into #omlm, Only My Life Matters.

Well, we aren’t buying into the angst on either side. Social distancing is much more than just maintaining an appropriate physical perimeter, be it three feet, six feet, or whatever our illustrious “leaders” determine it to be on a daily basis. It’s also creating a mental barrier from the virus of negativity. Turn off the news; they do not create any advertising revenue by sharing anything positive, so that’s what they’re going to continue to spread until directed otherwise.

Get out of the house, not to run directly to the nearest big box store, but to go for a walk, take a ride on the bike, interact with your neighbor who is no doubt feeling the exact amount of tension as you are. Comfort them, instead of waiting to be comforted. Remember the story of Charlie Bravo: the only way out of our crates is by first helping others to escape theirs.

Dwell on the positive, what we are going to do with ourselves when we come out of this Corona conundrum. For be assured, we shall come out of it, and soon we’ll be looking back at this time and it will be like it happened to someone else.

The positive here at the Casa? I have an incredible month old grandson less than five miles away that I choose not to go see(trying to be unselfish, but it ain’t working). But knowing that Zach and Tara have been given a rare and special gift, not just a baby but the time available to really “bond” with the little knucklehead, minus the distractions of having to rush back to work. So for a time, I can live vicariously through their happiness, and I have no problem with that. As long as they share the good news, I’m chill.

And I have the dogs, the true rulers of the Casa del Whackos. The contractor that is putting up my shop in preperation of building my Oba’s MIL compound has turned out to be a not just a gifted tradesman but a good friend. And even though cash and Corvid prohibits us from traveling, Charlie and I can still get away; camping in the van is sometimes the same if it’s in the front yard or at 11000′ out in the Rockies.

It’s all about perspective…

We be of one blood, ye and I

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