The Charlie Bravo Story

Something this way comes

In an effort to create a little personal space, dad has migrated from the bed to the couch: as if he can escape the inevitable! Now he has the whole clan piled onto a much smaller area, but nobody ever said he was smart.

But there is a new ingredient added to this canine stewpot; mom didn’t push the front door completely closed when she left, and now a barely perceptible,slow, creaking sound is evident as someone or something sloooowly gains entry. Then the sound of stealthy footsteps approaching the couch, dad’s vision obscured by a certain black mass of dog sprawled across his head. What could it be? One of those bozos dressed up as clowns that FB seems so intent on telling us about? Then the being begins to creeeeep onto the couch, inch by inch closer to dad’s jugular, and, yes, it is a clown after all.

It’s Clyde S. Dale.

Clyde is an outside dog, but decided to scope out the wonders that obviously exist on the interior of the Casa del Whackos: Charlie Bravo Day just seemed like the right time to make the first incursion.

Chark Diem, Clydster!

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  1. Dee Soulier

    oh no not the Clydster….too cute for words…Chark on Ms Carlie and the other inmates.

  2. Susan Jensen Bittner

    Hahahaha thanks for the laugh this morning. It’s cold and I’m crabby in Nebraska. ❤️

  3. Elaine McLemore

    She’s not gonna let that happen for long, so you need to enjoy what little she will allow you to have with Dad! 🙂

  4. Diana Handros

    Why is he an outside dog?

  5. Diane Brannon-Keech

    Always an adventure at the Casa

  6. Kathy Moody

    Happy Charlie Bravo Day!

  7. Karen Ragle

    He looks like he knows he will get booted out at any moment!!! Poor guy!

  8. Sarah Reynolds Adair

    Stand your inside ground, Clyde!

  9. Mikki Calm

    I think you need a Casa specific designed couch. One that curves around a corner of the room with plenty of space for the charksters AND the humans they allow to dwell there!

  10. Sylvie Saunders

    It’s a wonder you can function on so little sleep!.. xxx 🙂

  11. Sherry Ralph Jadrnak

    Clyde’s looking mighty fine! Did he scale the kennel fence to get in? Lol, the look on his face….”you don’t see me” He’s Yin to Charlie’s Yang!

  12. Jody Hess-Franey

    There’s no such thing as an outdoor dog! They all belong inside on your lap (or sofa, or bed, or chair, or feet)!

  13. Vicki Efurd

    He just wants to cuddle!

  14. Darling Nikki

    When did Clyde show up? Wow, I’m missing a lot…

    • Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

      Clyde and his sister almost got me shot; found them in emaciated condition on side of the road, with a sheriff and state trooper parked on the other… I whipped a 180, thinking to assist in the rescue when I quickly found out that the dogs weren’t on their radar, but they were doing a prisoner transfer. Yikes… after a lengthy battle with mange/ringworm, the female was adopted by Faith K, came all the way to the Casa, now I need to find a place for Clyde. The recent job loss has has taken a bit of my attention from dog matters, if you can imagine.

    • Darling Nikki

      Oh ok I remember now! Memories not asgood…

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