The Charlie Bravo Story

Thanks, y’all

A million thanks would not he sufficient to express our gratitude for the last 2+ years; over our lifetimes, we’ve served many causes, had many adventures, and have seen many wonderful and amazing things, but we’ve never experienced something as long lasting and far reaching as Charlie Bravo.

Even if the message never proceeds past this particular place, it will still have been worth it many times over. But I have a strange feeling that it hasn’t even begun to approach it’s zenith, and there are many more adventures and lost causes still yet to be encountered.

We were invited to speak at a youth gathering a few nights ago, and although it was a great experience, it didn’t have that “snap” that we sometimes feel when writing. Charlie and I were riding the CB1100 home afterwards and I was doing a huge dose of self-criticism inside my helmet when the saying occurred to me, “The life I lead is the lesson I teach”. Maybe we don’t need to teach, we just need to ride snd tell the story. We don’t need to be worrying about where the story is going, Charlie and I just need to stay focused on the road and if I know anything about roads, they always seem to take you where you’re going.

Scoot over, you big hairy doofus; I can’t reach the light and we have some big miles ahead of us tomorrow…. and quit hogging the covers; between you and mom, I might as well use a roll of toilet paper to cover up with!

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