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The ARE the good old days

Ten years ago, mom was diagnosed with cancer, with all the associated indignities; hysterectomy, mascectomy, chemo, etc, and handled it like an absolute trooper. All is now well, and life goes on.

Eight years ago, dad ruptured his Achilles tendon playing basketball, then two years ago ruptured his colon landing stomach -first on a stump when he took a header over the bars of his motorcycle; he always emphasizes the stomach part, as everyone assumes that the stump impacted a more private area when they hear the word “colon”.  It was during this time that I came into the picture and we all know the sorry state I was in when I was freed from the crate.

Now here I am, tapping out these words  in one of  the most beautiful areas on this planet, Gothic, Colorado. Yet when I look back on pictures taken during those life-altering, difficult times, I don’t see the stress or pain that was obviously involved, only the happiness; who would have thought that those times instead of these would now be viewed as “the good old days”?

As incredible as this trip has been, Gothic, Ouray, Ophir, Chama, Gateway, etc, it’s hard to imagine that the memories made can even compare to those that are made on a daily basis back home, especially during what seems at the the time to be “the worst of times. And as the car and our thoughts turn towards home and the mundane problems we all have to face, I am reminded of those that follow this page that are going through MUCH more strenuous tests like cancer and death while we’re out here gallivanting around in the back country.

I often fear that this page might be taken as a bit of electronic narcissism, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth; we would love to be able to take everyone along on our treks, but we all know that that’s not going to happen, as dad has an odd way of traveling on the cheap that most would find insane. So instead, we aspire to do the next best alternative, which is to kidnap and drag y’all along for the ride.

And every day at the Casa del Whackos, whether on the road or at home, has the potential to be an adventure, as all  adventures have the same origin:

They all start between your ears.

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  1. Annette Eakins

    Wow! What a picture. That one needs to go on your calender next year! By the way I look at Stevie everyday on my calender this month!

  2. Rosie O'Grady

    So beautiful. Almost feel I’m there with you.

  3. Kathleen Ellis Delatorre

    Beautiful photo!!!! I bet Charlie thanks her lucky stars everyday.

  4. RaVae Wilhelm Lewis

    There is something about Gothic that is mystical. Safe travels.

  5. Kathy Moody

    I envy you the scenery you see on your travels. Not so much of that here in Ohio. Thanks for including us on all of your trips.

  6. Debra Nyman Hirsch

    I live vicariously through your detailed descriptions of the adventures of CB! Great pics.

  7. Becky Casper Wiltsee

    Charlie you are an amazing being. Thank you and dad for taking us along for the ride.

  8. Janet Prew

    I feel apart if your family wiv your stories and pictures thank you xxx

  9. Ethel Sleith

    Fantastic image! And I’m available to be kidnapped and dragged along, every single day, Charlie.

  10. Jimmie James

    Thank you for bringing us along ! I sure do need this break from the bad news of our world.

  11. Susan Jensen Bittner

    Thanks for sharing, your posts and pictures most often put a smile on my face! ❤️

  12. Elisabeth Parrish

    Some writers are narcissistic, obviously, when their prose details only the wonderfulness of them, but not you, Charlie, who came from such humble stock! I imagine most readers, like me, travel along with you because we enjoy vicariously the beauty and humor in the world that you seek and share, as well as the love that flows freely in your family. Your words remind us that the grimmest moments of life shall too pass, but the joy is always there when one shares love with others.

  13. Andrea Bates Gerlach

    Beautiful photo! You are one blessed pooch CB!

  14. Mikki Calm

    Thank you for “dragging us all along” , I would never have seen this beautiful country otherwise. It is now on my list of “must go here” ! Couldn’t ask for better travel guides!

  15. Valois Pearce

    I look forward to your post every morning. Good story telling is a gift. Thank you….

  16. Kris Taylor-O'Brien

    I love they way you LOVE Life! And LOVE living life!

  17. Marie A Mise

    You’re a wise ol dog, Charlie.

  18. Steph Swalwell

    In a world where horrible, awful things feature in the news on a daily basis, it’s so lovely to have this as a reminder of all the good people and beauty in the world. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Claudia Burris

    Thanks for taking along with you! I look forward to each day to seeing where you and dad have been.

  20. Don-Kellee Taresh

    Well said Charlie. Enjoy life.

  21. Darling Nikki

    I thank you for bringing me along on your travels! They lift my spirits.

  22. Honey Anastasia

    Thanks for taking us along for the ride….its been an awesome trip, and personally I’m looking forward to seeing where else we’re gonna go!!

  23. Maria Dawybida Minerley

    I don’t think anyone who follows your page ever feels like your sharings are electronic narcissism. Speaking for myself, I feel welcomed into your adventures. Again, for me, they are inspiring. They show me possibilities…things I want to AND CAN do. Glad you all are on the healthy side of the slope now…..and enjoy safe travels home.

  24. Cathy Powell Filliben

    Beautiful picture. Delaware is as flat as a flounder. The nice thing is that we have all four seasons.

  25. Sandy Runyon Lough

    Please, please…never stop dragging us along.

  26. Deb Brunelle Charron

    thank you, such beautiful words and photo♡

  27. Jeannine Prince

    Wonderful way to be kidnapped. I wish I could share the view I’m seeing right now from where I’m sitting in my car in order to get on the internet. It’s not the high craggy peaks of Colorado, but cloud shrouded Selkirk mountains in north Idaho. It’s been raining, and now the sun is trying to peek out, and 68 degrees. I don’t envy the hot, humid weather in many parts of the country, and far away from the violence that seems to be overtaking so many places in the world. Thank you, Charlie and dad, for sharing the peace and beauty. Wishing you safe travels home.

  28. Anna Staffini Cammelli

    So happy to follow your page. The stories of you all, really give a charge of enthusiasm, the strength to carry on, finding what is good and beautiful in every single life, and that it always worth to fight for this. Thanks you all for having made us part of your lives.

  29. Beverley Graham

    Beautiful country. Enjoy the wide open spaces CB

  30. Sharon Loska

    You all are definitely between my ears. You are, also, in my heart. I like that! Well said Charlie!

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