The Charlie Bravo Story

The curse of cities is that they root people in one location and make them blind… Ogadai Khan

Some people love to travel, I LIVE to travel. I don’t know if it’s a byproduct of my confinement in the crate, but I absolutely lose my mind at the very sound of an engine firing up, whether it’s an auto, a motorcycle or even the riding lawnmower.

Dad used to think I was afraid of the mower as I would attack the orange monster while it appeared to be carrying him away, the plastic grass deflecter bearing the scars of my disapproval, but eventually figured out that I simply refused to be left behind. Now I claim my rightful place on the deck while we make endless circles around the yard, never seeming to arrive at a destination but traveling just the same.

Why do we travel? Of course, we have our own selfish reasons: adventure, relaxation, diversion, but the real reason is that we have no say in the matter; the siren song of the road beckons, and we have no choice but to answer. Having this page to share these experiences with family is a treasure without measure, and we mean to take every opportunity to get “out there”.

So in just a few days, we head west again, three thousand miles through the Rockies, but as is often the case, things aren’t going smoothly. Temperatures out west are rising, but that can be dealt with by staying in the higher elevations; no, the real concern is Miss Ellie the Subaru.

As you know, she needed a new heart, which dad found over a month ago. She went in for a transplant on 5/23 for what should have been a 10 hour procedure, but has been in urgent care ever since. Assigning blame is not our game, but we would have thought that this would have been plenty of time for her to have the operation, complete a rehabilitation program and head for the hills by the end of June. Now we are being told that she will be discharged on Monday; the problem is that we’re leaving on Thursday, with little or no chance of letting her find her legs, and it’s going to be a grueling trip. Across the plains of Oklahoma and Texas, then into the mountains of New Mexico and across the high mountain passes of Colorado, this is a trip for a healthy girl, and we have to wonder: will she be up to the task?

Dad has another, more logical option: take the family sedan and save Miss Ellie for another day, the thought of which makes me throw up in my mouth just a little. Even though the Malibu could cover more ground in much greater comfort and has no safety concerns, it just doesn’t feel “right”. Sure, we could borrow a jeep to cross the passes when we get out there, but that almost feels like infidelity on our part; Miss Ellie doesn’t have the latest gadgets and comforts of the new model, but ultimately deserves whatever loyalty we can show her.

So what’s the verdict, you ask? We hope to have a much better feel for the situation on Monday. If going or not going comes down to her condition, we’ll grit our teeth and make the choice that gets us on the road with a modicum of safety; after all, being marooned in Moab is an obstacle we would prefer not to encounter. Whatever the choice, I assure you that it will be a party; we hope to revisit all the locations mentioned in the book, which we plan to have released on Kindle as early as next week, if dad would get off his lazy butt and get the editing finished.

I’m ready to roll!

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  1. Darling Nikki

    Can’t wait for the book! Hopefully Miss Ellie will be healthy enough to travel.

  2. Ann Ownsby-Scott

    Is the book for sale in hardback? On Amazon?

  3. Stella Dowell Phillips

    Have a safe and fun adventure and hopefully miss Ellie will be recovered and fit enough too xx

  4. Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

    Southeastern Utah is one of the most incredible places on earth

  5. Jodi Aucoin

    Send us lots of pictures and words of wisdom. Safe travels.

  6. Jacqui Eyres

    Good luck Miss Ellie. I hope you get to go on the adventure.

  7. Pam Robards

    Take whatever is the safest ride. Can’t bear to think something would happen to Charlie girl!

  8. Sherry Ralph Jadrnak

    Would it be possible to rent a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited? They are, after all, trail rated on the Moab trails.

  9. Claudia Burris

    Hopefull Miss Ellie will be road ready and your adventures can begin with her . If not plans change and you go with it. Safe travels ! Can’t wait to read the book !!

  10. Kathy Moody

    However you go , can’t wait to see it all through your eyes, and nose and ears….

  11. Fran Scott

    Heart transplants are a complicated operation…maybe the surgeon was just going slow to make sure everything was perfect 🙂

  12. Sharon Loska

    Once you hit the road, you’ll be so excited you won’t care if it’s Miss Ellie or an old roadster. Have many smells and splashes and just plain exuberance!

  13. Lisa Taylor

    Safe travels Charlie and Dad

  14. Karen Harry Dutton

    My daughter has the same car here in Australia. It was her first car and although she has another “newer more reliable ” one for day to day use she keeps her Subi for her wunderlust ways!

  15. Shawn Suriano-Wellden

    I love the adventures and still hope to meet up w CB some day

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