The Charlie Bravo Story

Here we go again!

Dad here; 0445 at the Casa del Whackos, and Charlie, as usual, has decided to get her lick on, but this one was different. Instead of her full bore facial assault, this one was a casual “sleepily swab the back of dad’s head” lick, just enough to wake me up, which of course was her sign to go back to sleep.

I saw that Charlie’s phone had new activity, so I snuck a peek and was amazed to find multiple messages in French. It reminded me of the beginning of her story when it first went viral; I had ruptured my colon in a relatively minor motorcycle incident shortly before we found Charlie’s crate, and as a result had been wearing a colostomy bag.
Those that have followed this page since the beginning have no doubt tried to forget the infamous poop storis of this particular era, horrible experiences, sure, but hilarious to recount today.
In March 2015, Charlie’s recovery was progressing nicely, and her story was burbling right along as I was feverishly awaiting the scheduled colostomy takedown operation and a blessed return to “normal”, if anything is ever normal when you pass fifty.
I was utterly dismayed when a freak snowstorm postponed the procedure for a few days, which might has well have been an eternity as far as I was concerned; you can ask mom, I’m NOT a very patient patient. It was during this four day interval that we witnessed the phenomena of divine intervention, or at least a good nudge from the Almighty, as Charlie’s story began to spread exponentially across the world. We would see a mass of messages from South America, then the focus would shift to somewhere in Europe, then Asia, then back to the states,then on to Australia, as if something was spreading the story around the world for us.

I’m a dog guy, but a guy nonetheless; I had no intention of ever teaching a goofy dog how to post on Facebook. I was just disgusted with the stories of abuse that social media loves to depress us with only to leave us hanging, and was determined that Charlie’s story would be different, focusing on her recovery instead of her injury and creating a slightky snarky refuge on the Web from the incessant crap being forced down our collective throats by those who would control us by fear and loathing.

(Deeeeeep breath; carry on)

Well, you all know how THAT has been working out; just when the flame seems to be dying down a bit, Somebody stirs the embers and it flares up again, as evidenced this morning by the plethora of posts from our friends the French. A more apt analogy might be that of a roller-coaster, click clack straining to make the next climb, only to hang for an eternity motionless at the apex…

…only to once again plunge faster than you would have previously thought imaginable.

So here we go again, but where are we going? Doesn’t really matter, just ask Charlie. What does matter to her is that we are GOING, the destination vague but the progress defined. Her message of inclusion, that we all matter and we all make a difference, applies to this page as well as to each of us; we all have a purpose, and all we can do is keep moving towards it, whatever “it” is.

See you on the road!

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  1. Jennifer Minard

    Love you Charlie! Adventures are everywhere you go!

  2. Lisa Kuehl

    Enjoy the ride Charlie 🙂

  3. Shirl Mitchell

    Let me know if you want me to translate them for you! Facebook is ok but much gets lost in translation! 😉

  4. Laure Granson Chanut

    Charlie you have many French friends even here in AR! It’s no surprise your story is famous over there now too!

  5. Sharon Loska

    It’s good to be on the road again. Deja vu. What’s good is just plain good. That includes Charlie’s writings and the wacko’s team spirit. We all need to hear certain things, and you all have a way of saying it.

  6. Carrie Reid

    Happy Trails/ tails wagging time

  7. Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

    You wouldn’t have brought it up if you didn’t want to hear it again; Joann has pics of the procedure that I will never look at, that she still offers from time to time is disturbing in the extreme

  8. Ruth Thornton-Thayer

    It’s like a car wreck, you just have to look at it!!!

  9. Pam Robards

    Safe travels Charlie girl. ❣

  10. Julie Scheiderer Underwood

    I love your stories! Love you Charlie!!

  11. Becky Casper Wiltsee

    Charlie, my Eleanor is your sister from another mother, she loves to go anywhere in the car. And she always gets shotgun.

  12. Sam Howard

    Keep on Keeping on, Charlie.

  13. Darling Nikki

    We be of one blood, ye and I. Safe travels!

  14. Rita Wise

    Love in any language!!!

  15. Elisabeth Parrish

    Charlie is blessed to have such a wise ‘dad’ and ‘mom’… thoroughly enjoy Charlie’s wit and yours!

  16. Jeannine Prince

    Luckily, yours was able to be reversed, many of us have not been that fortunate. Just like many things in this life, it’s something you learn to live with, some might not be crazy about it, but prefer that to the alternative. Hope all is ready for the trip, and decision made on mode of transport. Will be watching for pix and stories. And be safe, the 4th of July mobs will be out.:)

  17. Sheri Weiler

    I always look forward to a post from you or Charlie. This one reminds me of an incident yesterday.
    My hubby was taking his car riding dog with him and our old pit bulldozed his way out the door after them. He ran as best he can over to the truck and was trying to get in. He can’t jump well so I put the halter and leash on him and tried to remove him from the scene and take him for a walk. That was NOT happening. He was going for a ride and he decided it!! So we lifted him up and put him in and were rewarded with the always awesome pittie smile. He hadn’t been for a ride for a few weeks which must have seemed like years to him!! He came home happy and took a little old man nap. Never miss a chance to ride Charlie!!!! Bruiser sure won’t!!

  18. Jeanne Mancinelli

    Safe journey. Can hardly wait to read the further adventures of dad & Charlie!

  19. Fran Scott

    C-mon, Charlie Bravo, let’s get this show on the road (impatiently waiting reports from the next big road adventure) 🙂

  20. Darlene Cartier

    Dad, you are beautiful writer. Thanks for sharing yourself and Charlie with us.

  21. Maria Dawybida Minerley

    Safe travels Charlie and team!!

  22. Cathy Powell Filliben

    Keep on keeping on Charle girl and Dad!

  23. Cathy Powell Filliben

    You know it was funny Ruth Thornton-Thayer. lol

  24. Cathy Powell Filliben

    What a great story. Your family is very kind. 🙂

  25. Deb Silva

    WOW – Charlie has a phone …. that girl … such a social diva

  26. Mary Lou Murphy- Przewoznik

    Very cool! Every day is an adventure, especially with our four-legged friends!

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