The Charlie Bravo Story

The Lady in Black

Someone just sent a message asking what’s it feel like transitioning from a regular dog to a dog with her own Facebook page… it caused me to stop and think, I’m still a regular dog; I still bark at nothing, scoot across the carpet, nibble my own butt, occasionally drink from the porcelain bowl, then liberally slather dad’s face with lukewarm dog spit.
The only thing different is this awesome responsibility I feel to not let this second chance at life pass without making the absolute best of it, not just for myself(although I do enjoy the perks), but for the other abandoned souls still out there.

The motorcycles, Miss Ellie. the blog and the book are huge fun, but all are just vehicles to help get my message to the masses, that from the guttermost to the uttermost, we ALL matter!!!

How does it happen in today’s society that a vapid starlet who just happens to have a big butt and comes from a spoiled litter of pups should command more respect than the millions going through life every day doing the little things that make a huge difference? That those feeding the hungry, helping the homeless, loving the seemingly unlovable are somehow less worthy of acknowledgement than a bunch of self absorbed “celebrities”?

The great Johnny Cash once said that dressed in black to honor the forgotten, the poor, the afflicted, the downtrodden; I would consider it a great honor to do the same.

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  1. Sarah Reynolds Adair

    Somehow Charlie, you can say just what I need to hear….scratches…

  2. Jennifer Minard

    Charlie, you are the Diva philosopher! You really show people how the simple things in life are special!

  3. Denise Cooper

    Wow … Poignant… C.B. , I love your posts !!❤

  4. Becky Jackovich

    Excellent words today and the picture is just GLORIOUS !!! <3

  5. Linda Joyce

    Aww Charlie … Someone is cutting onions mighty early this morning. I personally think the man in black would be honored for you carry on his tradition! #DogInBlack

  6. Faith Kidwell

    Charlie Bravo – The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story you know i love you <3

  7. Luke Sherwood

    That’s what my lil girl likes to do miss Charlie, have a mad nutty frolic in the water.

  8. Liz Sierra

    Very well said!!! Charlie you do a great job spreading love and happiness!!!

  9. Kathy Moody

    Once again you set the tone for the day. Frolic on!

  10. Jeanne Mancinelli

    You get your message across rather well Charlie.

  11. Maria Clark


  12. Lynette Tankersley

    Such a wonderful summary of a beautiful new life, Charlie!

  13. Marlene Petsche

    The world is such a better place because you are in it Charlie girl…God lead Dad and Zack to you that day ☺

  14. Cindy Hopson Howe

    She is special and very lucky.What a life she has. THANK YOU TO THE WONDERFUL FAMILY SHE HAS!!!!!!

  15. Debi Bernardon

    Awww, Charlie girl…you are wise beyond your years! Keep spreading the good news about the simple life and loving all of the forgotten fur babies out there! ❤️

  16. Donna Barney

    You were put where you were meant to be dear Charlie. You not only brought your story to the public….you also touched the hearts and lives of so many people. You and your pack, humans and furkids both, are such a highlight in my days. I love hearing of your adventures!

  17. Ann Ownsby-Scott

    Love Charlie……I look forward to reading your story every day and seeing your picture……

  18. Ruth Thornton-Thayer

    Well put and I love Johnny Cash! He lived not far from my hometown for a few years. Kingsland

  19. Marie A Mise

    Hear, hear! Well said. I am glad I have not contributed to coffers of these vapid (impressed with your vocabulary, Charlie) celebrities.

  20. Deb Reed

    I love Charlie, dad and moms thoughts

  21. Fran Scott

    You’re too kind, CB…more like narcissistic bimbo than vapid starlet…I wish the whole K family would just vanish off the face of the earth, although that would negatively impact legions of plastic surgeons, makeup artists, hairstylists, and “fashion” designers who keep the fantasy alive…

  22. Pam Rollins

    You go for it Charlie. Love your musings

  23. Darlene Cartier

    It was meant to be Charlie.

  24. Ethel Sleith

    What a special being you are, Charlie.

  25. Ethel Sleith

    A few days ago, here in South Africa, an inspector from one of our SPCA passed an orange crate in a field on his way to work. Something told him to go back and he found a small black and white dog, emaciated, dehydrated, at death’s door. Whoever had left her there had put a grill over the top of the crate and fixed it with cable ties to prevent her escape.

    She is safely in their care now, and once recovered she will be rehomed to a fully vetted home and the SPCA will continue to visit, “to the end of her time on Earth, to make sure she never experiences such hurt again.”

    Milly is unlikely to entertain us with a daily blog, but I doubt I’ll ever read another post from Charlie without thinking of her.

  26. Wilda Moses Carr

    What a blessing to be rescued.

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