The Charlie Bravo Story

The man in the high tower

Feliz Navidad to Uncle Gary and his fine family; that’s Huck on the left and Coco making sure she gets her moment of fame on the right. Gary is the wizard behind the curtain; web development, graphic design, etc, this guy is the bomb, but more importantly, he completely understood the message of Charlie Bravo from the beginning. Dad would still be fumbling around blindly(and he is) without the invaluable assistance of such selfless people; we truly be of one blood, he and I.

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  1. Barbara Wilson

    I can really appreciate his hard work. I have ordered twice from Charlie and both times have been a great experiece. Great customer service.

  2. Sam Howard

    Merry Christmas Gary and family, and warm hugs for all the help.

  3. Amanda Dannehl Hutchins

    Thank you for helping everyone enjoy time with Charlie the Great and all her merry band at the Casa!

  4. Deb Silva

    Thank you Gary for all you do!

  5. Gary W. Duncan

    Thanks so much for the post Dad! I am flattered to no end. I did get the story, during the very first phone call with Bret. On daily basis, seeing the support and posts from our followers is awesome. How many lives the story reaches is amazing. That is what makes it so special to me. Charlie is the story, we work for her and we work for you. Expect more in 2017. Please continue to share our message, like our posts and comment as you can. Continue to have a great holiday season!

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