The Charlie Bravo Story

The Road Home

Yo, Charlie?

Wassup, Sandy?

Where’s dad been the last few months?

Well, it’s only been a few days, but I know what you mean: it does seem like it’s been that long. Every so often he has to load his duds in a box and head south to spend some time doing “business”.

Isn’t “doing business” what he calls it when he lets us out in the morning? Why does his business take him days to complete? Does he need more roughage in his diet?

Not the same type of business, Sandy, but I take your point; they ARE sometimes oddly similar. Anyway, while he’s gone, he lives in a box in the sky; kind of like a micro-Casa, but minus the chaos and the dog hair, and he gets the the whole bed to himself!

Ugh! Sounds horrible to me; a crate is still a crate, regardless of how it’s decorated. And he’s OK with this?

You know dad; as much as he bellyaches, he would much rather be at home fending off the attacks of Ajax or clinging to his 1/64th of the bed than to live in what most would consider to be the lap of luxury. I know for a fact that he would even rather be sitting outside a tent watching the sun come up over the Sangre De Christos, drinking bad coffee and wondering when I was ever going going to roust my lazy self from the depths of the sleeping bag so he can break camp and we could head off on our next adventure.

Take a breath, Charlie; you realize that you do run on a bit sometimes, don’t you?

Well, Sandman, it’s hard not to once you have experienced life from the back of a bike; it’s a call that can never be properly answered. The only temporary cure is to mute the siren’s song for a time with the whistling of the wind in your ears.

OK, OK, before you go off on another of your travel tangents, when’s dad due home? I feel a lickfest coming on…

Well, I heard mom tell Alex that he’s due home tonight; personally, I think she wants to spend some alone time with Ajax and Mia, and our rambunctious ways make that a bit difficult sometimes.

It’s always a party at the Casa del Whackos!

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