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The Story of Max


Max here; Charlie’s moping around the Casa as dad’s out of town, so I finally got my chance to Shanghai the ipad. As with Charlie, my story BC (Before Casa) is unclear; there had been some puppy mills shut down in the mountains of North Arkansas, with a rash of abandoned dogs resulting from people trying to ditch evidence.

 My sister and I were found in an abandoned house, screaming, not barking, in hunger, even now I’ve got a biiiig mouth for such a small dog. Dad was convinced at first that I was mentally damaged, as I lay unresponsive next to his leg for the long trip home; we stopped at an abandoned car wash so dad could assess the damage before introducing me to mom. The dog that jumped out of the car that afternoon was not the same dog that climbed in that morning, and it’s been a party ever since; everyone claims I hit the dog lotto jackpot when I took up residence at the Casa del Whackos.20160507_214738

 I’ve been to the Smokies, the Atlantic ocean,  the Rockies, and all over the Ozarks, I sleep where I want, eat what I want; all I ask is that dad be in the immediate vicinity, as I still have separation anxiety. I do have to admit that I was alarmed at all the hubbub when Charlie entered the picture, as I was used to getting all the attention, but things are starting to sort themselves out. I love road trips above all else, but have absolutely no desire to ever saddle up on a motorcycle.

Where Charlie is boisterous and carefree, I’m much more cerebral, always thinking three and four moves ahead to ensure my wishes are fulfilled; if dogs were games, she would be checkers, I would be chess. When we’re out in the woods, Charlie takes off in a thousand different directions on a million different missions:  while I do like exploring, I always have my radar-like ears turned backwards so I can keep tabs on dad’s location at all times.

On a,recent trip to Colorado, I found a delectable new treat: marmot poop, always better when consumed above 12000′. Mom must be a huge fan as well, as she kept trying to chase me down and take it from me; I swear, woman, find your own! I must have skipped “share” day in kindergarten. The only thing more fun than snarfing it down is yarking it back up, especially in the confines of a jeep where all in proximity can share in the experience; dad, mom, Craig and Levi must have been under inspiration to find their own cache of poop, as they all immediately exited the vehicle, Levi even tossing me out of the window, evidently  under the delusion that I would go find some more for him; as if!!! It is amazing how much more realistic dried marmot turds look coming back up.than they did going down; try it sometime if you don’t believe me.

If you’re out on your travels this summer, give us a shout; we’ll leave the dog bowl out for you…

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  1. Becky Wilkins Lacy

    Thanks for my morning laugh!

  2. Christine Carr Reese

    My new puppy, Claire, discovered deer poo while in the woods. Now she hunts it down ad eats it up before we can get it from her!

  3. Luke Sherwood

    Always a pleasure catching up with all the fluffies at thy casa.

  4. Kathleen Ellis Delatorre

    Max-you’re just as funny as the rest of the inmates.

  5. Marlene Petsche

    Awww Max you are a special little boy <3

  6. Cheryl Ferguson

    Fixing to start a very busy day – so I needed this intro on Max, and my daily morning chuckles!

  7. Linda Wright

    Lol. Molly, a Cairn Terrier loved to go to the horse barn with me. However it was embarrassing to watch her eat their poop. I guess it was the hay and the grass?

  8. Marjorie Erdman

    Makes my 3 look like pikers with the tame litter box.

  9. Kathy Moody

    It’s rabbit poop here in the city yard. I myself don’t understand the attraction. Glad you could share some of your story Max.

  10. Darling Nikki

    Thanks for that image stuck in my head Max! Lol. Always a party at the Casa!

  11. Mickey Snuggs

    Oh Max you are a handsome boy

  12. Lori Catlett Shaffer

    So cool! Is Mom a writer too? Such great stories and adventures!!!

  13. Marijon Partlow

    Even my dainty little Pomeranian thinks bird poop on the patio is the ultimate delicacy.

  14. Natalie Pepper

    Great story–I never knew Max’s background. What happened to his sister? I know you wouldn’t leave her behind.

  15. Fran Scott

    Thanks so much for that visual of the reconstituted marmot turds 🙂 I can’t stop laughing :):):)

  16. Deb Reed

    thank you for the laugh this morning Max, this page lifts my spirits so

  17. Jeanne Mancinelli

    Thanks for sharing Max. Nice to hear from you!

  18. Leigh Pevreal

    Gorgeous lol. I have no idea what a marmot is but it sounds interesting! I just have to concern myself with cow poo – in winter it’s very green and wet and looks terrible when it’s all over Miss Mila’s lips and chin!

  19. Jill Bardell

    You guys are pretty funny HaHaHa

  20. H Marie Goodermuth

    I just love your stories.They are funny,sometimes sad,but always heart touching 🙂

  21. Sally Attard

    Hahaha ! Never boring with the casa del whacko’s

  22. Sherry Ralph Jadrnak

    Always knew Max was special!!! I love those whiskers!!<3

  23. Elisa Charleston Robertson

    Mine love deer and rabbit poop. I try to stop it b4 they eat it

  24. Mikki Calm

    All dogs love poop, each has their own particular flavour , mine love the delectable buffet of the” El Kat ” bar and grill. It keeps me on my toes trying to get there before they do. ( disclaimer here, I do not share their tastes) .

  25. Kris Taylor-O'Brien

    Ahhhhhhh Max you are one in a million!

  26. Cathy Buro-Yauch

    AWWW love his story! What exactly is marmut poop? I think I spelled that right.

  27. Tracy Wamboldt

    Lucky max….just wondering…did the sister survive or was she too far gone? People who could do that to an animal deserve a special place in hell

  28. Patsy Patten

    Sweet little Max. Keep Stevie company till you are all united once again.

  29. Ellen Jensen

    Brett, I totally understand, there is always that One. Even though I have had several dogs throughout my life, all loved, all well taken care of, all unique in their own way, there was that One. In my case it was Beau, a rottweiller black lab mix, often refered to as my Rott N’ Lab. I can’t explain why he was the One, but in my heart I knew he was. He has gone to the Bridge going on 10 years now and I still miss him like it was yesterday. I have two awesome dogs now (yellow lab and a Dobie) that I love to pieces, but they aren’t the One. So I guess what I am trying to say is I understand, and it’s O.K. Take care and Viva La Casa!

  30. Kathy Moody

    What a good way to start my day.

  31. Valerie Joyce Kerr

    Awww-wasn’t he one lucky pup? Or are we the lucky ones for having seen & share their fantastic tales ❤❤❤

  32. Anna Staffini Cammelli

    If Charlie is the Queen of the Casa, Max was the King.
    “My crown is called content, a crown seldom Kings enjoy”
    – “King Henry VI”-

  33. Tim Owens

    Thanks for sharing as a devoted dog lover and motorcyclist , your story resonates with me. So sorry for your loss. 😉

  34. Cindy Casper Vondersaar

    Love his story! He was a special guy!

  35. Jeanne Mancinelli

    I never knew Max’s story. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Randie Wawrzynski

    Hugs and love to you and your amazing family. I’m so sad about Max!

  37. Katie Dover

    The most painful thing is not having them with you every day! In reality, they are there, that’s why we bawl our eyes out remembering the little rascals. Every time a new one comes into my life, I don’t think about the end coming, so I give my heart as they do! Thank you for the story of Max. I cried a little too! Sending you all much love❤

  38. Margaret Barron

    Thank you sharing this story. Max was a very lucky dog.

  39. Marlene Petsche

    I fell in love with that little guy in the beginning but did not know his full story and I cried again. Thank you Bret. My prayers are with you my friend.

  40. Lisa Varley Spring

    In spite of recent events, this made me LOL. What a gem you had found. He will be forever in yours, and our hearts.

  41. Leigh Pevreal

    Loved reading Max’s story again ❤❤❤

  42. Robin Daniel

    Thanks, I too was wondering about Max’s story! 🙁

  43. Sam Howard

    Max, you were a “wonder pup”

  44. Pat Stibbs

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I know it’s hard. Just know we are grieving with you.

  45. Maria Dawybida Minerley

    Oh Max. <3 I know you're still right there with Dad.

  46. Mary Lou Force

    Wonderful story. Missing Max.

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