The Charlie Bravo Story

The mountains are calling…

Just when I think that my story has ran it’s course and is starting to die down a bit, something happens out there on the interwebz and there seems to be a resurgence in activity.

With new people being adopted into the family at the Casa, I feel it’s necessary to occasionally restate the message behind the story; when dad and Zach rescued me from the crate, they returned with the truck only to find me trying to get back into my former prison. It occured to dad that we all have some sort of crate, whether it be a cubicle at work, a chemical addiction, an abusive relationship, or even a multi million dollar lifestyle that one is so crippled with fear at the prospect of losing.

Many have said that I returned to the crate because that was all I knew; I would add that someone or something can release you from your crate, but until you have a vision of a better way, you will promptly return to it or find another just as confining.

I now have that vision; even though I have transformed from that emaciated shell of a dog to the sometimes cocky fun pig I am today, I realize that it’s not about me(don’t tell dad);

it’s about us.

“Us” is a family brought together by a story of a dog, but it’s not just about dogs, it’s about realizing that we all matter and make a contribution, regardless of age, infirmity, social or financial status, we ALL matter. I often wonder about my previous owners who thought my worth so little that they sat me out by the road like you would a trash can on Monday morning; what would they think if they could see me now? Knowing that I have journeyed farther in the last few weeks than they will ever travel in their claustrophobic little lives? Living well is the best revenge…

Now comes the fun stuff; dad got some great news today concerning Miss Ellie’s heart condition, and plans are starting to percolate concerning an epic road trip this summer; camping along the back roads across the mountain passes of the Rockies into Utah, then on to Crested Butte for the Independence Day parade. Of particular note is that the moon will be in the “new” phase, making sleeping under a sheet of stars an especially rewarding experience.

Whether the Bravomobile is a Subaru, a motorcycle, or sometimes just my own imagination, it’s not about where it takes me from, or even where it takes me to that matters; it’s all about the journey, and the stories of the people we meet along the way.

See you on the road…


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  1. Margie Webb

    Living well is the best revenge….love that SO MUCH!!!! Repeat it often.

  2. Bryon Ayers

    The parallels of life, existence and transformations are remarkable. It made me think of my own….

  3. Sherry Ralph Jadrnak

    Remember to pack some salve for the bottom of your feet, Charlie! Looking forward to seeing all of your pictures!

  4. Kathy Moody

    What a great way to start the day. Thanks as always, CB

  5. Marlene Petsche

    What a great trip that will be, looking forward to the great pictures and Dan still has to bring me to love on you Charlie girl 🙂

  6. Dianne Lane

    Take a look at you now- as beautiful on the outside as you always were on the inside. ❤️

  7. Robin Daniel

    Looking forward to the ride.

  8. Fran Huff Fossan

    Wonderul post CB! I know you will love the camping trip!

  9. Jeanne Mancinelli

    Looking forward to hearing about your new adventure.

  10. Darling Nikki

    I will be with you in spirit! Safe travels!

  11. Ken Largent II

    There’s a parade in Crested Butte?

    • Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

      4th of July, the scientists of the Rocky Mountain Biological Labaratory get liquored up and run up and down the parade route wearing clothing made of skunk leaf while blowing kazoos and trombones; a worthy reason to make this trip.

    • Ken Largent II

      Wow. Good thing cannabis is legal. Otherwise, there would be some bargain musical instruments at the policeman’s auction. 😀 Also, I had no idea there were enough people in Crested Butte to have an actual parade (one that would also have spectators). 😛 Keep an eye out for a blue Mazda with two black labs sacked out in the back while on your trip.

  12. Luci Hodges

    Charlie you and dad need to come see my mountains in new Hampshire. They are beautiful here.

  13. Luke Sherwood

    Keep up face booking miss Charlie, as its Pawsome to see your many adventures.

  14. Fran Scott

    Whoo, hooo! Epic road trip up ahead 🙂

  15. Elisa Charleston Robertson

    Dad u are too cool. Thank u for giving him an awesome life. Can’t wait to c pics from the road

  16. Nancy Gilman Sciascia

    Luci’s right Charlie! New Hampshire is beautiful.

  17. Sheri Weiler

    If you really wanna see mountains come to the Sierras!! We are an hour from Tahoe and 2 miles from lake Topaz. Sitting in a little part of the Carson Valley!! Look it up. Gorgeous!!

  18. Lisa Taylor

    I can’t wait for pictures of your vacation Charlie you do take good pictures

  19. Lisa Martinez

    CB needs to come to Cali! Road Trip

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