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Towards new horizons…

It’s Charlie Bravo Day at the Casa!

Dad’s not feeling the frivolity, as he’s gimpin around making old man noises after finishing the carpet last night and then lugging all the debris out to the burn pile. I did my best to urge him along by nipping at his heels in the darkness to keep him plodding forward through the dew; he was obviously not as enamored as I was with the whole experience.

Mom says cleaning the Casa with dogs in attendance is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos; dad now feels the same way about laying carpet. Every step of the process was created specifically for the entertainment and edification of us inmates, from the tearing out(it just doesn’t get any better than that) to the installation(every square must be sampled individually by laying on it),but now that job is done, and it’s time to prepare for the the next endeavour:

Last week dad rode the ST1300 to Altus, OK to trade for another Honda, the 919 and some cash; that cash is to finance the next trip west, hopefully with Miss Ellie in attendance. The shop doing her heart transplant is draaaaaagging this out much longer than necessary, and to say dad’s patience is wearing thin is an understatement of epic, even biblical, proportions; add that to the threat of a heat wave engulfing NM, CO, UT, OK and TX, and the odds aren’t looking good.


If I know dad, he’ll find a way to go if it means stealing a shopping buggy and a skateboard from the Walmarts and pushing me there himself. The book is finished and nearing release in Ebook form, and the act of editing our former adventures through Moab, Gothic, Chama, Gateway, etc, has got him so jacked up and fidgety that sometimes I think he may have worms, to the point that it would surprise me not a bit to find him scooting his butt across mom’s new carpet, with mom shrieking and whacking at him with a rolled up newspaper.

Now, I dare you to just try to erase THAT image from your subconscious; it can’t be done.

In other good news, all four dogs from last week, the two that were apparently my siblings and the other two that dad found out by Stevie’s bridge have been rehomed. The donations of Charlie’s Angels (that would be you) allowed us to pay both the neuter and adoption fees before we surrendered them to the Saline County Humane Society; and it is my understanding that all have made the trip to new homes up north, away from this oppressive heat.RescueandVet_Cropped
There was enough left over to keep approx 200.00 in reserve to fund future rescue operations; while this is not a large amount, it’s a definite start towards a larger undertaking. The most awe inspiring part of my story is not my rescue or rapid recovery, but it’s YOU; that such exemplary people still exist and were bought together from around the globe by the simple story of a ragged black dog still gives me goose bumps.

And I’ll bet my last biscuit that you had never considered, until this very instant anyway, that dogs could even get goosebumps.

We be of one blood, ye and I.

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  1. Christine Carr Reese

    Bret Winingar- you’d better not be scooting your butt across that new carpet! And another new bike? Stop! You’re as bad as my husband now about the bikes! Settle on one and ride Charlie up here to Michigan and visit!

  2. Liz Bell Dotterer

    Can’t wait for the book!

  3. Darling Nikki

    Ok that image is stuck in my head! Lol.

  4. Kathy Moody

    Just look at those mountains! Lots of new images for the day – dad scooting and mom right behind with the paper. I love you Charlie girl. This was my view after storms a couple of nights ago.

  5. Ethel Sleith

    Oh Charlie, the image I can’t get out of MY head is the one of you nipping at Dad’s heels as he plods through the dew. You are hysterical!

  6. Sherry Ralph Jadrnak

    Charles, you and the inmates always start my day with a smile in my heart! God bless all of you!

  7. Jeanne Mancinelli

    You are a great storyteller CB. I could envision the chaos of canine “assistance” during carpet installation, to the removal of the old. I can imagine dad’s growing frustration concerning Miss Ellie … And that awesome news concerning the lucky foursome …just warms the heart. Keep up the good work Lady Charles!!!

  8. Traci Bell

    Have a wonderful day Charlie girl, & keep nipping at dad’s heels it keeps him on his toes. Dont forget youll need to tslk to mom about getting him a special gift for Sunday, for as shocking as it might be, it’s dad’s day.

  9. Deb Silva

    Charlie – no matter how much nipping you do Dad will NEVER flounce across the dew kissed grass.

  10. Fran Scott

    That visual of Dad scooting across the new carpet with rolled-up newspaper wielding Mom in pursuit is priceless…I’ll never get that one out of my head 🙂

  11. Jeannine Prince

    Dad can put it to music, Charlie, Butt Scootin’ Boogie.

  12. Lisa Taylor

    Ok dad’s scooting into your territory Charlie next thing you know he will be hogging the bed!

  13. Anne Fischer

    Isn’t every day Charlie Bravo Day at the Casa?

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