The Charlie Bravo Story

Trevor’s getting married!

God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform…

Do you feel like there’s no hope in sight? That you’re in a loop of continuous bad news, and there’s no good to be found in anyone anymore? I think we all do to a certain extent, but this post is testimony to the fact that there is always hope. So here we go… it starts bad, but the payoff is phenomenal.


911 dispatch, what’s your emergency?

Caller:I’m at 153B, and there looks like a body in the freeway

911: 153 what?

Caller: 153B

911: did you stop?

Caller: Yeah, I stopped

911: What kind of vehicle are you in?

Caller: I’m in a white Penske truck…

911: (speaking to another dispatcher) There’s a Penske truck on the shoulder where the 48 is laying…(back to caller) did you check to see if the person is still alive?

Caller: No, I’m walking back right now, my wife is in another car behind me… I don’t know if it’s a dummy or what, but it’s laying across the street…

911: He’s getting out of the vehicle now to check… (long wait. Radio in background playing Paul McCartney, “Band on the Run); Is it a person?

Caller: (to someone else at the scene) It’s a person, ain’t it? Yeah it’s a person. Watch out. Watch out yeah, it’s a person.

911: Is he alive, or do I need to start an ambulance to him…

Caller: No, he’s dead

911: Ok, let me get an ambulance out there anyway.

Caller: He’s dead, he’s been ran over, yeah, let me get traffic stopped…

911: 153B, trooper’s on the way

Caller: Wow, wow, HEY, GET OUTTA THE WAY!

911 to dispatch: There’s a white Penske truck there, with some other vehicles that stopped.


911: ok, stay there until my trooper gets there, OK?


911: you OK?

Caller: Yeah, I’m here… OK.

(Call ends)

Second call, another 911 operator:

This is a transfer from North Little Rock; we’re trying to ascertain where this young lady is, but she doesnt know, who says there’s a body on the interstate… ma’am where are you at? Have you gotten any calls, state?

Hispanic lady: Hold on… let me see… I think it says 1… 5… 3… A?

911: Has anybody tried to make contact with this individual, to see if he’s breathing, or what his status is?

Lady: It looks like a female… there’s all types of debris, there’s like a sheet or something where somebody’s tried to cover it, you know?

911: OK, we’ve got rescue and MEMS on the way

Lady; Yeah. It’s a person, my husband tried to…

911: Does it look like an accident?

Lady: No. It doesn’t look like an accident… There was a car that passed us, going at least 120 miles, he was going really quick… I don’t know if he ran over the body, we didn’t run over the body, we pulled over because there was a bunch of debris, you know, like glass and everything? And when we got a little closer, we saw that it was a body , and we saw it was a female…

911: Well, just stay right where you are, the trooper’s on his way…

Lady: Ok.

911: Ok, I’m going to get off of the phone, but if you need us, call us back, OK?

Lady: OK; we’ll stay here.

Call disconnects.

This is the actual transcript from the night my buddy Trevor Ware was struck down by a three-time convicted drunk driver, hit from behind and left for dead in the middle lane of I-40 in North Little Rock. So brutally injured was Trevor that he was given little chance of survival and subsequently did not initially get the level of medical care he probably should have, but that’s just my opinion. The result was terrible enough, traumatic brain injury as well as physical damage too extensive to recount here, but I’m sure you get the picture; it was really bad. Compound this with the fact that Trevor also has an autistic brother, Tyler, who he was to assume care for at a later date, and you can only imagine the load placed on Pam, his mother, in assuming the care of both her full grown boys.

So for the last eight years, it has been a grueling struggle, with the mental meltdowns and other tribulations associated with TBI. I’m sure that countless times it appeared hopeless, as I know it sure did to me, even though I was on the outside looking in. Anyone with an ounce of empathy would have felt the same; in fact, so many felt this way that they couldn’t bear the burden and instead began to avert their eyes from the situation, leaving Pam and Trevor even more isolated and alone.

Eight years. Almost three thousand days. Any normal person would have given up hope, but Trevor was not a normal person before the wreck, neither is he one afterward. After all this time, an angel from his past recently appeared. Savannah had known the “before” Trevor and had been following his progress from afar. I’ll let them follow up with the details of how she ended up moving from Arkansas to Washington, where Trev now lives, but the outcome of the story is that they started conversing online. Then talking on the phone. Then Savannah drove from Seattle up to Linden, WA to meet Trevor, Trev threw out the vibe, and BOOM.

Trevor and Savannah are soon getting married.

On 09/04/2020, the very day that Trevor struck down by the drunk driver; Trev said that he wanted a better reason to remember that date, and as it is now very obvious, what Trevor sets his mind to, he usually gets. We’re somehow going to arrange a live video feed so all of the ADV motorcycle inmates and the Charlie Bravo family can follow from afar if unable to attend. I assure you that hankies will be in short supply, although it will be one hell of a throwdown.

Excerpt from “The Ballad of Charlie Bravo”

As her confidence grew, her message did too
That we all live in some sort of crate
That no matter how hopeless our conditions may seem
Hope never fails if we wait.

There is always hope.

Dad out.

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