The Charlie Bravo Story

Twas teh Night before Charkmas 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…
Yeah, right.
It’s actually a time of the year where we are biologically hardwired to slow down and relax, and to conserve our physical and spiritual resources. If not a season of emotional hibernation with it’s short days and long nights, at least a time of reflection on the real reason for the season.
But instead of a natural time of reduced activity, it has instead became a time of hyperactivity. Then there’s Seasonal Affective Disorder; winter-type SAD begins when the days become shorter and we are exposed to notably less sunlight, typically as the seasons change to fall and winter; having a seasonal shift in mood—often one that can interfere with how you function in a day—affects about 6 percent of the population in North America, while 14 percent experience a milder form of SAD called the “winter blues.”
And doG forbid that someone is feeling the effects of a recent loss or a series of unpleasant events over the last year, as then a feeling of guilt is added to the mix; what are you, some sort of Grinch? Falalalala-lalayeahright.
The sugar rush continues to amp up with each holiday coming in increasingly rapid succession until BAM! the holiday season is gone. Then two months, maybe three, of waiting for spring and the cycle to begin anew. Instead of a time of celebration, it can be easy to get mired in a puddle of funk.
And it can affect animals as well; I know that the inmates here at the Casa del Whackos all tend to get a good deal clingier this time of year. Even now I find it difficult to type these words as Charlie is crammed up on me; her incessant nudging and licking is causing spellcheck to have to put in overtime.
If this in any way describes you, you are not alone; I am right there with you. This is the time of the year that the Black Dog of Depression tends to bite me a bit harder than expected, but there is an antidote that doesn’t require a visit to the doctor:
An Attitude of Gratitude. I know that it sounds easy, but also realize that it can be difficult to kick out of a downward spiral. So we’re going to make this fun. Below I’ve listed a series of questions of things that I’m thankful for, some serious, many ridiculous. As embarassing is it might be, I’m going to try to answer one a day at least up until the first of the year, right here on this page. But I’m not doing this alone; oh no, as you’re going to help me with your own answers. This is why I’m posting the questions now, to give you time to consider your answers. Think outside the box; remembering the smallest things is by no means disregarding the larger things.
So here are the questions to consider; feel free to PM me with any suggestions to add to the list…
What was a time that you were truly proud of yoyrself?
What’s the nicest compilment someone has given you?
How has a stranger helped you at a difficult time?
What is something that you never thought that you could do, but proved yourself wrong?
What’s the best sound in the world?
What was something that was brutally embarassing at the time but is now one of your favorite stories?
What’s the most comfortable place you have ever slept?
What piece of music has moved you to tears?
What never fails to make you laugh?
What is the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen?
What is a smell that instantly brings back good memories?
Have you ever had a negative first impression of a person only to have it unexpectedly changed?
What’s a daily convenience that you’re most grateful for?
What’s an item with absolutely no monetary value that holds great value?
What was one of the best days of your life?
When you were young, who helped you?
Who is someone that has helped you as you have aged?
What is the best thing that happened to you recently?
What would you miss if it was suddenly gone?
What is something you might be taking for granted?
What is something that you’re good at?
What challenges have you overcome?
When is a time when you were pleasantly surprised?
What is a good decision that you’ve made in the past?
What is something you are looking forward to?
Who would you miss if they were suddenly gone?
What is something or someone that made you a better person?
What is a day or event you would like to re-live?
What is one item that improves your life immeasurably?
What are you doing when you feel most comfortable?
How have you grown in the last few years?
How are we of one blood, ye and I?

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