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No Letters

I have never had any letters of any type behind my name; no BA, no Ph D, no BMF or any other combination thereof. Instead of applying myself towards these all-important groups of letters, I seem to have spent much of my life working towards my Masters Degree in Daydreaming.
And I did use to daydream A LOT, resulting in many demerits received during my school years and many more missed opportunities since I’ve supposedly became an “adult”.
And I still do; I dream of running a successful small business, of being an engaging author, of taking extended motorcycle trips with dogs across the country, of someday going to Mongolia or maybe even Haiti. All of these are attainable, but probably not continously.
But what if there was something that I could do on a daily basis? Maybe reframe my dream to be that every day that I make a positive difference in someone else’s life, and hopefully more than one? And if some days may pass that that dream might not materialize, what if I could rest assured in the fact that I had at least endeavored to maintain the mindset necessary to “service every need as it arises”?
Then it becomes much easier to believe that in times of doubt that I AM actually “living the dream”. This transcends all of the other dreams; the travels, the business successes, the Jude Bear and soon to be Theo arriving on the scene, as they can all be an integral part of the larger dream.
Then someday I just might be assigned the set of letters I would most like to see behind my own name; PE;
“Professional Encourager”, if there is such a thing; sounds like we a pretty lofty dream to me.
Go forth and have a great week…
We be of one blood, ye and I.

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