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Twirling dervish

Ajax here; since establishing residence at the Casa del Whackos, I have learned many things, the most important being the Wi-Fi password. So while mom and dad are at work, I’m busy on the Web assimilating tons of useless trivia; mom can’t figure out how I can remember the deepest spot on earth(the Mariannas Trench) and who invented gunpowder(the Chinese), but can’t seem to remember that the fireplace hearth is not my personal toilet.

Another interesting fact I learned about was an ancient religious sect from Turkey called the Sufis, more commonly known as Whirlng Dervishes. Sufi whirling dervishes spin themselves into a trance-like state in what is known as a Sema Ceremony, a whirling dance that is said to free the soul from worldly affairs and elevate it closer to God.

It is a customary meditation practice through which dervishes (also called semazens, from Persian سماعزن) aim to reach the source of all perfection, or kemal. This is sought through abandoning one’s nafs, egos or personal desires.

It begins when they rise on the ball of their left foot and “kick off” with their right in a slow counter clockwise spin which gains momentum as they raise their arms unto the heavens, and their robes slowly began to flair and rise. The accompanying music increases in tempo until the chorus of Sufis resemble a floor full of spinning tops, and enlightenment is achieved, although I believe the unsung miracle is that at least one participant doesn’t get a heaving case of motion sickness.

Now do you have that picture stuck in your mind?

Now transport yourself from some dusty bazaar in Istanbul to the micro master bathroom at the Casa del Whackos, and replace a dreamy-eyed spinning Sufi with dad trying to evade the probing, inquisitive nose of Charlie.

You’re welcome.

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