The Charlie Bravo Story

Charlie Bravo day postponed…

…until tomorrow. Why, sayeth thou? Because I art the Charles, and I decree-eth it as such!

Uh, Charlie, don’t you think you need to clamber down from your high horse and come up with a better reason than a biblical sounding version of “because I said so?”

Cease and desist thine palavering, prating and pitiable pontificating! I will NOT have my judgement questioned by the vertically challenged chauffer of my royal chariot!

Mom, can you get Charlie a cup of coffee while you’re in the kitchen? I think she’s in one of her “moods”…

Actually, we have some honored guests visiting the Casa this weekend as well as some other amazing developments in Charlie’s saga, so we want to do the right thing and give that story the exposure it deserves, so tune in tomorrow for the next exciting episode of “As the Chark burns…”

It’s always a party at the Casa!

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  1. Barbara Wilson

    I will be waiting anxiously. Ok Charlie? You are such a pistol.

  2. Luke Sherwood

    Charlie giveth, Charlie take away lol.

  3. Claudia Burris

    Wait till tomorrow? How caneth
    that be ?

  4. Mikki Calm

    Want to raft that river with you Charlie girl, looks very inviting!

  5. Red Maryann Cook Godbey

    Dang Charlie you left us hanging…….

  6. Vickie Bellus

    I’m ready!! Thank you for sharing Casa life with us!! Party on Charlie girl!!

  7. RaVae Wilhelm Lewis

    Is that a chunky neck roll hanging over her life jacket? It’s okay. I have those, too.

  8. Marlene Petsche

    Will be eager to hear the next adventure!!!

  9. Karen Ragle

    Can’t wait! But “why oh why did you leave us this way???!”

  10. Gloria Filippi

    Oh Charlie! I want to give you a kiss badly!!!! Such a sweet face!!!

  11. Dianne Lane

    Is it possible that Charlie’s resting herself today so as to be at her very best for the special weekend activities ? (Mom, make sure she gets her coffee,just as she likes it. ❤️) lol

  12. Sharon Durfee

    yay fir life vests!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Darling Nikki

    Can’t wait for her Royal Highness to impart her weekend on us!

  14. Sam Howard

    Oh Charlie, your such a tease: it’s a good thing your fixed.

  15. Claire Scholte

    Hmmm Charlie:
    You’ve come so far and so fast, but please, please be nice to the ” vertically challenged” mammals who have helped you become the enchanting diva you now proclaim yourself to be

  16. Kathy Moody

    Enjoy your day. And hope you have a great weekend visit.

  17. Fran Scott

    CB, be nice to your vertically challenged chariot chaffeur … he’s doing the best he can! I think you’re just cranky until you get your morning coffee 🙂

  18. Debi Ross

    Love the life vest – smart Humans!!!!!

  19. Lisa Taylor

    Oh Charlie you make me giggle lol give dad a break and drink that coffee decaffeinated of course.

  20. Brenda Payton

    What a beautiful Charlie Girl!

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