The Charlie Bravo Story


(Insert voice of Sam Elliott here)

Howdy…. I’m the Duke.

While not officially not an inmate at the Casa del Whackos, i have my own story to tell. Although my looks are deceiving, I’m actually a three month old puppy that someone left tied to the door of a local shelter. Did I panic or fret? Not in the least, as I had a plan; if Charlie could find a Casa to rule in the south, what should hinder me from establishing my own fiefdom to the north? All I had to do was bide my time until the right family of pushovers happened along, and happen along they did; a combined family eerily reminiscentof the Brady Bunch minus one.

When I became available for adoption, a crowd showed to claim me, but I had already decided where I was going to establish my new domain, and here I am; not even two days at my new address and it’s obvious that I’m the absolute ruler of the roost, the ArchDuke of Williamistan!

You may approach and kiss the ring.

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  1. Rose Bortolussi

    Only 3 months old?!? I want to follow this boy, he is going to be huge. Looks like a lover though.

  2. Dee Soulier

    Such a worthy name..does curtsy to the ruler of the domain.

  3. Linda Hopper

    that is one HUGE puppy. So happy you found your casa

  4. Joey Mortrude Daniel

    He’s beautiful, and by the size of those paws, he’s going to be huge!!

  5. Kay Dodge Lowder

    Morning Duke! Is you a Catahoula?

  6. Joni Lynne Miller

    Two pals ready to grow together in more ways then one! ❤
    Nothing sweeter then a child and a dog. Big and brave they will be together!

  7. Susan Stroda

    OMG! ! Look at the size of those paws! !!

  8. Linda Fabiszak

    What a stunning puppy! Any idea about his breeding… Dane maybe?

  9. Trudy Simmons

    Gorgeous picture, two bestest buds, lifelong pals

  10. Jimmie James

    Looks like a pair just made for each other.

  11. Liz Bell Dotterer

    Holy smokes! That’s going to be a king alright! So glad he’s a gentle giant and found where he belongs.

  12. Raleen Riley Nichols

    OMG a beautiful Catahoula puppy!! Could be a blue Heeler but looks more Catahoula mix with Dane or mastiff. Those two are going to be best buddies. Highly intelligent, full of energy and protective of its family. So lucky! We have one and they are the best dogs. Lots of patience needed as puppies but so worth it!

  13. H Marie Goodermuth

    Beautiful,going to be a BIG dog by the looks of those feet and legs 🙂

  14. Claudia Burris

    Two happy faces !! Best buds forever ❤️❤️

  15. Julianne Ture

    Three months old?! He’s going to be HUGE.

  16. Rosary Fazende-Jones

    He’s going to be huge! But beautiful

  17. Carol Lingster

    gorgeous pup and adorable kiddo

  18. Debbie Colasante


  19. Laura Gill-Babbitt

    Look at the paws on him! Looks like a hand.

  20. Mikki Calm

    Wow, what a beautiful pup. Lucky people.

  21. Wendi Macey

    Kiss the ring! LMAO @ 5,280! Excellent post!

  22. Mickey Snuggs

    yowza that’s a big puppy

  23. Jeanne Mancinelli

    I like the way you think Duke!

  24. Stephanie Karabaic

    what a gorgeous dog…what is his breed mix i wonder…he’s gorgeous! If You Love Me, Put a Leash On Me

  25. Sam Howard

    Charlie your vibes are everywhere and Duke looks like he has the sam Dogattitude.

  26. Cherry Van Tiel

    Stunning puppy and they both look so happy long time buddies they are ment to be. Congratulations on you new family member.

  27. Adriana Carapina

    Rose Misevic omg i want one

  28. Angela Drause

    He’s going to be huge.

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