The Charlie Bravo Story

Feliz Navidad…

…to the extended family of inmates that encompasses the globe, and beyond. When I say beyond, I mean to include those that may have gone on before, but remain here as well, for as long as you are remembered, you are immortal. (I’m talking about you, Darling Nikki)

Who knew that the act of adding one inmate to the Casa back in 2015 would have the effect of essentially adding 25,000? And I’m thankful for each and every one of you, as I have been given a great gift, not just one day a year, but every time I hear from you through likes, comments, shares, emails, but even more importantly, phone calls or (gasp) ACTUAL VISITS!

For Charlie and her story do not belong to just me, but to us all, and to those that are inmates and don’t even know it yet. Because to remain alive and vibrant, we have to keep growing, and only you can make that happen as you continue to spread the word through your likes and shares.

And a special Merry Christmas from the Casa goes out to those of our family that may feel a little alone today; I had the the best of intentions of having a live feed set up to do some sort of Skype or webinar type of thing, but A: I’m an idiot when it comes to doing that sort if thing, and B: I’m a habitual procrastinator. So if you’re feeling particularly down today, and you just want to hear a quick Chark from the Queen, let’s talk, as that’s what we’re here for. Dont be bashful, shoot me a PM or text with your number, and I’ll give you a call… it ain’t much, but that will be my gift to you; we all matter, and we all make a difference.

From Dad, Mom, Charlie, and the rest of the inmates at the Casa del Whackos.

Merry Christmas, 2017

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