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Go back to sleep, Charlie; I got this…


A few years back, I was on a journey looking for answers, and found myself in Colorado. I hooked up with my old buddy Kyle, who told me of a special place called Gateway. It was here that I wrote the first words I can ever recall writing that didn’t involve work, or letters to Jo Ann back in the day;

“Gateway is a fortress so impregnable that even negative thoughts and fears aren’t allowed to enter”

I pulled over and typed this into my phone at what turned out to be a magical spot, a tiny spring hidden in a stand of trees at the base of a canyon, right in the middle of the fiery cauldron that is Gateway; little did I know that only I short time later I would face certain death on a blind corner over the Dolores river; I swore that day that I would never fear the actions of any man again.

Unfortunately, the most sincere resolutions sometimes get ground away with the cares of life, but I always remember that day as a turning point. As was the day I found Charlie.

The water here has special powers to heal, not physically, but mentally; believe it or not, that’s you’re choice, but I have yet to introduce anyone of my riding brothers to this spot that don’t agree. There is also a cache stashed at the spring with testimonials written from all over; Charlie left her contribution.

I have had a bottle in my freezer back at the Casa for over three years now, saving it for the day that the world turns to crap and things just get a little too bad. I came real close to cracking it open back when I ruptured my colon, but it still sits waiting; who knows, it may be for someone else and not for me.

No pictures, as Gateway isn’t just a place but a state of mind… well, maybe just one, a view from the spring.

Dad out


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