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Going with the flow…

When your task exceeds you ability, you experience anxiety… when your ability exceeds your task, you experience boredom: but when your ability exactly equals your task, you can achieve a state of “flow”, a Zen – like condition where time seems to stand still and previously impossible tasks are somehow possible.

Dad recently had a moment like this flying down the Potash Rd in Moab where everything “clicked”; the conditions exactly met his skill level and mental state and he became faster and smoother than he would have ever thought possible. The problem with entering “flow” is that the instant it’s acknowledged, it’s gone, and you have to restart the process.

I think human relationships are the same, where the two dynamics are very seldom exactly equal, but one of the parties involved is a bit more attached than the other, which can involve anxiety. These dynamics can change as time progresses, with one of the parties becoming more dependent and “clingy”; when a child is young, it clings to it’s parent, then as the child grows up and starts their own life; the parent sometimes becomes the clingy one.

But when both parties are equally involved, a sometimes fleeting state of flow can be achieved; I have came to the conclusion that that is the basis between us dogs and you humans. We let humans operate on the delusion that we are dependent on them, but the opposite is usually the case, so we go through life together giving and taking in in equal proportion, the only thing that can separate some of us is eventual death, which makes that parting that much more painful at times.

Our life spans are roughly 1/8 of yours, so I believe it vitally important to cram all of the living we can into the time allotted. As a portion of mine was involuntarily taken from me by my time in the crate, I have that much more time to make up, so as a result, I sleep harder, play harder, poop harder, flounce harder, love harder… well, you get the picture.

It’s always a party at the Casa!

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  1. Christine Carr Reese

    Now help that critter get across the raod safely, Charlie!

  2. Darling Nikki

    So precious! Love this picture. It really sums up our Charlie girl.

  3. Haydee Marilu Rodrig

    Much wisdom here. Thank you!

  4. Jennifer Minard

    The Phylosopical life at the Casa- we all need this!

  5. Liz Bell Dotterer

    Your coat is so shiny! You should do some doggie shampoo commercials.

  6. Sherry Ralph Jadrnak

    Flounce on, Charlie! Love the inmates!!❤

  7. Jeanne Mancinelli

    Quite philosophical this morning young lady! Well said!!

  8. Deb Silva

    When did you start “flouncing”? LOL

  9. Marlene Petsche

    How very, very special you are Charlie girl <3

  10. Sam Howard

    Your right on Charlie.✌

  11. Darlene Cartier

    You are wise beyond your “dog years,” Charlie.

  12. Pam Miles

    Oh Charlie girl you be careful checking out that turtle! Especially if it’s a snapper! He could pop out and try to latch onto your nose! Then Dad will have to pry him off! I found a big one in the middle of my sidewalk one day! The biggest snapper I’d ever come across, but he was headed towards the busy road. He had to weigh 30 – 35 lbs. I picked him up,but he didn’t like that, head came out trying to bite me, legs going as fast as they could in the air. I ended up putting him down and he promptly flipped over on his back, so I gently pushed him through my grass to the lake where it slopes quite steeply, we got there and he flipped back over on his belly, and slid like a kid on a slide right into the lake! Life saved! He had to be a pretty old turtle to have gotten that big! You would have loved checking him out Charlie girl! ♡ ♡ ♡

  13. Maria Dawybida Minerley “I Lived” by OneRepublic. For you, Charlie!

  14. Valerie Joyce Kerr

    And by going through your trial and tribulations- life is that wee bit sweeter now and you can enjoy it. You done good girl ❤️

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