The Charlie Bravo Story

The inmates are running the asylum

This is every wardens nightmare, the moment when all control is lost at the asylum. All video surveillance systems were disabled and no alarms were sounded as all the inmates glided wraith-like through the night to their predetermined positions.

Then, pandemonium.

They say that the darkest hour is just before dawn, and this is when I was rudely awakened to find myself the helpless victim of a vicious waterboarding session at the tongues of two relentless assailants; I knew that this was no ordinary interoggation, as no questions  were asked, the two taking a silent pride in their efficient but heartless task. It was obvious that they had no other motive than to break my will,  my muffled cries for mercy falling on floppy but deaf ears.

Then, orders were barked from an unseen source, and the second wave of torture began; sleep deprivation, followed by another waterboarding session,then bright lights, loud noises, claustrophobia, ad infintum; will it ever end? What do they want from me? What have I done to deserve such treatment? Were the car rides not long enough, the porcelain bowl not flushed properly?

Then, just when all hope seemed to be lost, relief arrives in the form of an Asian SWAT team(mom):

“It’s past six; you had better quit laying around with those dogs already and get ready for work!”

Alas, released from one type of bondage only to be hounded into another; will the torment ever end?

At least it’s Friday.

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  1. Caitlin Kelly-Jensen

    TGIF! The inmates always run that asylum!

  2. Betsy Robb

    You need to publish a book of short stories

  3. Darling Nikki

    Nothing better than waking up to dog slobber!

  4. Jane Boyer McGuigan

    You are surrounded by love DAD!

  5. Marlene Petsche

    What a way to wake up…pure love there 🙂 🙂

  6. Jeanne Mancinelli

    Would you have it any other way? I think not!

  7. Pam Watson

    LOL! Thanks for setting the tone for my Friday. My love to all the inmates.

  8. Karen Ragle

    What a great way to start the day! Thanks for the morning uplift!

  9. Vickie Bellus

    What an awesome way to start the day!!! Thank you

  10. Deb Silva

    Happy Charlie Bravo Day!

  11. Faith Kidwell

    Yep got woken up the same way this morning !

  12. Linda Wright

    Terrific photo of Charlie-girl. She is loving the ride and the breeze. You spoil the inmates at the Casa del Wacko, you suffer the consequences~! Happy Friday Everyone~!

  13. Leigh Pevreal

    Thank god for Fridays – and mum for keeping control!

  14. Fran Scott

    The inmates may THINK they run the asylum, but actually, it’s Mom 🙂

  15. Rachel McGill

    Saturday morning here but still good to read your blog . Woof

  16. Cathy Powell Filliben

    She looks like she is cruising mode. 🙂

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