The Charlie Bravo Story

Hey, Charlie…

let’s get this straight; I’m expected to scratch your butt while sitting on the toilet (me, not you), take you on motorcycle rides while you rupture my eardrums, sacrifice any semblance of a full night’s sleep so that you can change your mind  every 5 seconds concerning sleeping arrangements, lay there and take it for as long as you deem necessary when you decide to go into a licking fit?

Right so far, dad; and what’s your point?

And for this treatment, you don’t have to share your squeaky ball or your rawhide chew toy, and any food that I eat has to be shared with you, although you snarf yours down without giving it a second thought?

Accurate in your assessment of the situation, as always, dad; what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine.

And do you view this as a fair and amicable arrangement, Charles?

Well, dad, I DID change your life, didn’t I? And as long as I’m around, your face will never go un-exfoliated or under-moisturized, your spot on the bed will always be pre-warmed, and weight gain will not be an issue, as I employ my patented “Guilt Gaze” after any trip through the drive-thru.  You’ll never lack for a riding partner or road trip co-conspirator, and excessive “WELCOME HOME!!” celebrations will be performed every time you return to the Casa, even if it’s only from an extended journey into the uncharted  wasteland of the back yard. So yeah, pops, maybe you’re right; it DOES sound a little one-sided.



Yo, dad.

Sorry I brought it up; carry on.

The book:

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  1. Deb Silva

    Sounds good to me dad.

  2. Louise Howe

    She makes some very good points, but Miss CB – ahem…. *that* is NOT how ladies lie!!!!! 😛

  3. Diane Brannon-Keech

    Why was there even a need for this conversation Dad….you know she is queen of the Casa! Silly man

  4. Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

    And please remember to share to if you care to!

  5. Claudia Burris

    Sounds just perfect to me !

  6. Robin D Mahan

    Love to see those white feet ❤

  7. Sam Howard

    and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

  8. Mikki Calm

    She was born for shannanigins ……… make you smile! To make us all smile. Thank you for sharing her with us!

  9. Leoranne Gall

    Your posts make my day love them

  10. Erika Davis

    Looks like she is waiting patiently(well kind of) for belly rubs and scratches.

  11. Kathy Moody

    This picture just shows how happy you are Charlie. My dogs do this too. We be of one family!

  12. Michael Abbitt

    CB, I really like how you live ‘in the moment’, and relish each and every one of them. The past is a memory, the future is a dream, the present is life.

  13. Jeanne Mancinelli

    Yup summed it up just right!

  14. Cathy Powell Filliben

    Poor unloved Charlie girl.. (NOT) You have never had it so good. lol

  15. Gail Morse

    Charlie girl, plain to see who rules the roost but a girl has gotta do what a girls gotta do

  16. Ellen Simpson

    Not very ladylike pose there, CB!!

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