The Charlie Bravo Story

Saints preserve us!

Even though I’m not a Catholic dog, I read a lot and have a great respect for the good works and sacrifices of the saints.

 Some have said that, due to his love for animals, St Francis of Assisi should be the patron saint of the Casa del Whackos, but dad has always felt the St Jude was more appropriate, as he is the patron saint of hope and lost causes. 

Trevor Ware, Special Olympics, dad’s buddy doing a life sentence, my story, the homeless outreach, etc, all the endeavors seem to have that common bond of having no logical or apparent conclusion, so it was a very special occasion when an angel named Deb sent a certificate announcing the enrollment of the inmates of the Casa as perpetual family members of the Apostolate of St Jude Thaddeus as prayer benefactors of the Dominican Friars.

In all seriousness, this is a huge honor and not to be taken lightly; on the inside cover is a place for the names of four family members. Dad started to fill it out with the names of his immediate family, but something halted his hand as it occured to him; are we not all family, brought together by this crazy story about a crate? And if he truly believes in divine intervention, which he does, why limit any potential blessings to only one household? Why not leave it blank, with the belief that it would include all of my siblings from around the world?

Gary, Nikki, Faith, Sandy, Darcy, Sherry, Ruth, Craig, Paula, Donna, Diane,Deb,Sherry, Cathy, Kathy, Fletch, David, Christa, Leigh, Anne, Dianne, Mum, Shawn, Iris; I should have never started naming names, as I will be kicking myself later for inadvertently omitting a particular person. Suffice to say, ALL of you who make the posts a reality with your comments and shares, but most importantly your hearts, as we can feel your love at the Casa as if we all live under the same roof. So all of us should partake in the same blessings,don’t you think?

So, now you all have that going for you as well; we be of one blood, ye and I.

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  1. Liz Bell Dotterer

    I accept the prayer covering humbly!

  2. Kathy Moody

    What a wonderful way to start my day@

  3. Deborah Ferguson

    Now that’s a honor! <3 to all the "inmates".

  4. Linda Hopper

    awesome what a wonderful family you make.

  5. Jan Davis

    That’s awesome, what a wonderful Blessing…

  6. Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

    Please hit share to if you care to; the best way to get the good news out there is through you!

  7. Laura Barreda Paredes

    I’m Catholic. I pray for everyone all around the world every night. Especially for the animals big and little ones.

  8. Karen Ragle

    We all make a difference! Some a small difference, some large… Congratulations to Charlie’s wonderful family.

  9. Sandy Runyon Lough

    Honored to be a member of this pack and gladly share the CB gospel. One of the sweetest blessings in this season of my life. ❤️

  10. Terry Hinds

    How Awesome Charlie–Blessed be All at the Casa………’s as I always say: God knew what He was doing, when He created man’s ‘Best Friend.’

  11. HDbikepics

    biggest Motorcycles super fan right here

  12. Pam Miles

    What a wonderful blessing! ♡ ♡ ♡

  13. Sam Howard

    Being a Franciscan Catholic, this moves me greatly and dear St.Francis is smiling down at the Casa. The Dominican’s are a part of us so it all flows together. I believe if you found a small parish in your area they would bless this for you and it would be a very important and powerful document. I don’t think you have any Friars in your area. The closest one I know of is Ironsdale Ala… and they do love animals. Maybe a little road trip. Anyway such a great gift for all.

  14. Diane Brannon-Keech

    Humbled to be a part of the family

  15. Cathy Powell Filliben

    Thanks, it is an honor. 🙂

  16. Medusa Habanera

    When I went to Assissi many many years ago, I saw the statue of St. Francis. His hands were folded and some doves had made a nest in his hands. I think he truly blessed animals.I think Charlie had someone looking out for her when “by chance, you and your son decided to look into the crate.”

  17. Valerie Joyce Kerr

    How wonderful to have good news for a change – and on a Friday! There is always hope. Blessings to each and every one of you ❤️❤️

  18. Sharon Loska

    Ye and I are very honored. There is so much love at the Casa, and throw a heart full from us at the Bell Clanimals. We are very blessed.

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