The Charlie Bravo Story

His talk was worn smooth from use in many places- Pearl S Buck.. u

Of all Disney’s seven dwarves, “Bashful” is the one that Dad just doesn’t “get”. Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, maybe, but Bashful? Not when dad would talk to someone stump if the stump would hold still long enough. Invariably the conversation works around to me and my message, and he feels the need to be very descriptive when relating my I’mprevious condition, not necessarily for the shock factor, but more importantly, to demonstrate how far I’ve come. Can you imagine how unimpressive it would be if the clouds didn’t contrast with the sky?

Then usually the subject changes to how evil people are  to do something this horrible, but again, I have to disagree; although it’s true that that there are some thoughtless or downright cruel people out there, there are SO many more that tip the balances in the favor of good. Need some evidence? Check out the mettle of the followers of this page, or better yet, go sneak a peak in the mirror, and the resulting good you find will be more than sufficient to overcome a thousand FB news feeds; Madre de Dios, what type of bottom feeders do these people take us for?

So, a little reminder every now and then as to how far I’ve came, to remind everyone(myself included) that, regardless of how grim and hopeless things may appear, there is always hope. From the confines of the crate to the call of the open road, life is always good, although I will admit sometimes “more good” than others, but when it’s GOOD,  just freaking WOW! The sunsets over New Mexico? Waterfalls tumbling out of the Ozarks? The perfect song at the perfect time? Puppy breath? Dog farts? I realize that that last one may be a stretch, but think about it; how many clouds of funk would you be willing to endure for just one more day with a special dog?

Go forth today and find the beauty, and if it’s difficult to find, go create some for somebody else, and I promise you that your own will be revealed to you; it’s always a party, so send out some more invitations, and RSVP

Chark diem!

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  1. Cindy Casper Vondersaar

    Have a beautiful day Charlie! I am going to do the same!

  2. Elisabeth Parrish

    To console myself on Charlie’s behalf, I try to imagine that someone had her crate bounce off their vehicle as they passed through, or that they mistakenly thought someone else would quickly come along right behind them, spy the crate, and give Charlie a home. It is just too unbearable to think that they purposely left her to die in that manner.

  3. Dee Soulier

    oh wise words my queen Ms Charlie ..many blessing to you and the inmates.

  4. Jan Davis

    Amen, Charlie girl…FYI I received my calendar and I love it…

  5. Alicia Colwell

    I love my mug and the coffee was great! I will be ordering some soon.

  6. Danielle Scott

    Oh Charlie, is there a face in the world you won’t lick? 🙂

  7. Sam Howard

    Feeling Blessed for knowing the residents of Casa del Wacko, if only thru words and photos. You make my day.

  8. Kim Fudge

    Oh Charlie you just melt my heart, and give me such strength. Thank you for my morning smile, something you do most every morning. A few months back I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, the outlook according to the Doctor is not good. Me on the other hand, like every female ever born I am stubborn, I refuse to just settle in and wait for death, I am instead loving every moment life has to offer, It is now when one realizes what is and is not important in life, and as I look around my home at all the pretty things that surround me, I suddenly realize that they do not give me anything, but my family and friends on the other hand, and you Charlie girl, that’s what gives me the reason to rise and shine every day, to be happy, to prove to the world that I will live. You see like you in the cage, as horrible as I can only imagine that to be, Dad had to find you, it was in the stars, and he had to introduce you to the world, you had to be the voice for thousands of more dogs that have been saved and loved since you came to us. The universe is a box of surprises on a daily basis. So I am in a cage now Charlie girl, only mine is called cancer, but like you my life will be saved, and because I survive others will to. It’s reading your post daily (even though I must confess that I haven’t yet seen your blog, as I have no clue how to get into those) that continually give me the strength and courage to get uo each day and say to the heavens and all who are listening: Thank you for another day, now onward and upward we go…. Thank you my sweet Charlie girl, sending you so much love. I hope to meet you one day, which is another reason why I am not going anywhere, I have to meet Charlie Girl.. It’s on my bucket list… Have a awesome Sunday sweet girl… xoxoxoxoxoxo Tell Mom and Dad Thank You for sharing you with us, for they have been so blessed to have found you, and each other.

    • Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

      You have already escaped your cage, as cancer is not the cage, but fear and disbelief, and I can tell you shucked that long ago. You have inspired me beyond belief… be sure to check out tomorrow’s post, definitely a new direction… because of what you had the courage to share.

    • Sharon Loska

      Hi Kim. You, like Charlie, are great inspirations to me. I’ve followed Charlie from the first post. She does have her paw on the sextant pointed towards how to be truly happy. Bless her and bless you for grabbing life and kissing or slurping it right on the lips. Top o’ the world to ye.

  9. Annie Parisella

    Nietszche says ask yourselves whether a tree which is to grow proudly skywards can dispense with bad weather and storms.

  10. Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

    Come on down to the Casa, or catch us out on the road!

  11. Mary Lou Force

    Charlie, you are the wisest of the wise. You inspire me constantly to try to be as good a person as you are. I love you.

  12. Sharon Loska

    Charlie you are so wise for a young girl. You do induce change. I read it, I see it, and I feel it. Also, you are goofy. I really love that!

  13. Michael Abbitt

    CB, I follow your expoits, and enjoy everything about you, Dad, and the rest of the ‘inmates’. Usually, I find myself understanding life better, and agree with what you say. But this time there is one small difference. That is I do not “sneak a peak in the mirror” as you suggest. I know who is there, and cannot find my escape from the cage with the person in the mirror. I am too close to the image in the mirror to see things objectively. Therefore, I look to others, like you, to see what is good in my life, and how I can make other lives better. I learn from your experiences, and the experiences of others, to improve my life. Hopefully the improvements I make in my life will have a positive impact on others.
    So, I thank you for the profound impact on my life, and I hope to help others in the ways you have helped me.

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