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Music Monday

It’s clammy and cloudy at the Casa, with some seriously cold weather moving in towards the end of the week; not the type of climate conducive to flouncing and frolicking. It would be easy to allow my surroundings to influence my attitude, but I know that there is always hope for a brighter tomorrow.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, my tomorrow involves a road trip; I close my eyes and imagine the hot desert air of New Mexico tinged with occasional twinge of cold from the Rockies to the north whistling through my ears. The recurring method of transportation has always been a sidecar, but Miss Ellie would be an excellent chariot, as long as dad leaves the windows down. I really don’t care how we go, as long as we’re going.

Every trip has a soundtrack that changes with the feeling of the landscape being traversed, and the following track from Billy Idol is what I imagine hearing as we are crossing the high plains between Gunnison and Gateway. The mountain passes of the Million Dollar Highway? “Flight of Icarus”. The Rio Grande Gorge at Taos? Gotta go Tito and Tarantula, or anything being broadcast by the incomparable KTAO-FM. 141 from Gateway to Moab? Only Sinatra will do, or maybe a little Dino, “Ain’t that a Kick in the Head”.

I believe you can hear a song thousands of times, but you don’t get the true “vibe” until it’s heard in exactly the right setting under exactly the circumstances; then it’s not being heard but being felt, and can never be “unfelt”.

The photos on the 2017 calender were taken at the locations and conditions mentioned; order yours today, and while there, register for the blog and receive all the updates. I’ll be posting in the comments where each pic was taken with a little backstory on each, so stay tuned.

And we all know it’s all about the stories!

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  1. Sharon Loska

    Great. I have 2 calendars. It will be exciting to feel the vibes from those places!

  2. Kathy Moody

    Looking forward to seeing those comments.

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