The Charlie Bravo Story

Hotel del Whackos

On a dark southern highway
Humid wind in my fur
Out cruising with Miss Ellie
Her normal rumble a purr
I hear a bark in the distance
As dad pulls up the drive
What sounds like a cacophony
Is Mia losing her mind inside

Dadadadadada, da…
(Guitar build up)

Welcome to the Casa del Whackos
Such a lovely place, if you can find a space
Living it up at the Casa del Whackos
Where a chair is rare
not covered with dog hair.

The dogs here are the inmates
The warden? Well, that’s dad
But if he thinks that he runs this place
His self delusion is bad
We dictate sleeping arrangements
Leave him with nothing but crumbs
It’s obvious the inmates here
Run the whole asylum.


This place is the Casa del Whackos
We make the rules, we cavort around like fools
Living it up at the Casa del Whackos
Our actions aren’t always apropros
As our combined IQ’s are low .

Water in the toilet means water on the floor
I drink when and where I want to
And sniff around for more
Max is a grumpy old terrier
Mia’s my partner in crime
Angel and Echo stay out of our way
It’s always party time!


Welcome to the Casa del Whackos
The dog bowl stays in place
for the next hopeless case.
Come and sit a spell at the Casa del Whackos
You won’t need an alibi
We be of one blood, ye and I!

(Guitar break, ad infinitum)

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  1. Evelyn Pretty

    Thank Dog I like that song because it will be stuck in my head all day!!! You may have to record your version!

  2. Bella Sea

    Awesome, had to sing it while reading

  3. Darling Nikki

    And that sums it up… lol.

  4. Diane Brannon-Keech

    Morning sing along….Turn the page! I just out on Bob Segar radio from Pandora. We have produced some great music from Detroit!

  5. Jody Hess-Franey

    You can check out any time you like, but you’ll never want to leave!

  6. Vickie Bellus

    I love it!! I sang the tune in my head. One of my favorite songs ever!!!!

  7. Susan Stroda

    Ooh, gotta love a good take on The Eagles! !

  8. Laura Palmer

    Wow, you got the writing just perfect, because I started reading it to the tune of Hotel California right away!!!!

  9. Kathy Moody

    Seems like you got all of Charlie’s Angels singing the same tune this morning.

  10. Karen Ragle

    Absolutely wonderful. Like several others here, I was singing it also. And that’s sad cause I can’t sing!

  11. Sam Howard

    Such talent at Casa Del Whackos.

  12. Kimberly Toal

    I absolutely love all your posts. Thank you for always brightening my day.

  13. Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

    Dad just drives the car or rides the bike, he leaves the writing to his betters

  14. Erika Davis

    Love this and actually hear Hotel California playing in my mind while reading this. Always look forward to Miss Charlie’s posts.

  15. Cindy Moyer

    Just love these updates. Very uplifting, many thanks

  16. Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

    I was actually going to look up “colitas”, but figured you could give as better description… what are they?

  17. Laura Barreda Paredes

    In many states of Mexico pigs tails is a dish. I don’t eat pig. But it’s a famous appetizer.

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