The Charlie Bravo Story

What goes up…

…must come down.

Dad here; I shanghaid the Droid this morning, as Charlie and Max are still crashed out under the covers. As the rain has finally stopped in Arkansas, we decided to take a little jaunt out to Pinnacle mountain last night and get our climb on. I have been clamboring up that pile of rock with various dogs for thirty years, and Zach and Alex made their first ascents in a backpack before their first birthdays. I’ve seen fire and rain on that mountain, double rainbows, sunrises and sunsets, snow and thunderstorms, and so many personal encounters with great people that I couldn’t begin to recount them all.

Like most things in life, climbing with Charlie has both positives and negatives; in the positive column is the fact that she’s so powerful that you can just hang on to the lead, and as long as soft tissue damage is not a concern, she’ll basically yank you to the top. On the negative side, if you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes, and you spend the entire first half of the hike with her butt staring you square in the face like the ever-present Eye of Sauron. Max is actually a better hiking dog, as he travels just far enough ahead to not be underfoot, keeping his bat-like ears swiveled backwards to make sure dad is keeping up. I couldn’t help thinking what a great companion Stevie would have been, but all things happen in due season for a reason.

Then after a spectacular sunset (but aren’t they all?), comes the trip down, and the key word is “trip”. Like life, you seem to pay double for the energy you expended in the first half of the journey; I don’t recall my legs being this wobbly and unstable descending on previous excursions, but I have to remind myself that, unfortunately, they’re now some years older as well as carrying an extra twenty pounds of lard. The trail that was well lit and dry on the ascent is now darkly treacherous and slick with dew, but stopping is never an option, so it was onward through the fog. Miss Ellie patiently waiting in the swirling mist of the deserted parking lot was a welcome sight, and we loaded up our sopping selves and headed for the Casa.

All is now quiet, interrupted only by the occasional murmur as Charlie chases Mia through her dreams: a touch of insomnia has me awake and wondering:

Where do we go from here?

This page was started as a response to the incessant barrage of negatism on the Web today, always harping on the bad without giving any clue as to how we can affect towards the good. Although Charlie’s sad beginning is an important part of her story, she is not a victim, but a survivor and her message hopefully reflects this; we all matter and we all can and do make a difference. Helping her find her voice has been a priceless gift for which I’m eternally grateful, but what if there’s more? What needs are we possibly missing?

This is where you come in.

You are all an integral part of this story, Charlie’s angels, if you will,and as such, have a voice in its direction. If it’s all about spreading the message through Charlie’s antics, so be it, but if you have any suggestions on how we can better accomplish this, we’re all ears; PM’s and comments are the fodder what keeps this page alive and kicking.

Now it’s time to wrap it up, as there are battleplans to be considered in the morning; those bloated micro-velociraptors commonly known as hummingbirds are getting WAY out of hand and must be dealt with swiftly and firmly.

It’s always a party at the Casa del Whackos.

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  1. Aundria Taylor

    Our Jett wouldn’t be the fatty she is today without your advice!

  2. Mark Moore

    This is Mylo, our rescue dog, we adopted from the humane society in May. We’d recently lost our dog of 17 years and needed a furbaby in the house. Mylo has been a shelter dog most of his two years, so needless to say there where some rough days those first few weeks. He’s become an amazing companion since then and we are thankful for him everyday. Thank you sir for sharing positives in what seems to be a world of negatives! I’ll be following your page and sharing/commenting from time to time.

    • Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

      Would love to hear what he’s thinking right now…

    • Mark Moore

      Haha! With him it’s always PLAY! He loves to bring me his Kong and then pull it away just as my hand approaches. It’s like come on daddy lets play keep away!! We just came in from his morning bathroom break and his laying in the floor watching me patiently as I type away on my phone. Just watching me as I go through my morning routine of coffee and stumbling around the house until it kicks in. He knows breakfast is at 9 so he won’t wander too far from me this morning, that is, unless he thinks about my side of the bed being empty!

    • Heather Shaw

      such a handsome boy!! those long legs make me wonder if he’s got some greyhound in him… Thank you for rescuing that beautiful pup, may you have many wonderful, long years together.

  3. Tara Winingar

    Eye of Sauron. Now I can’t get that outta my head lol

  4. Luci Hodges

    By bringing all of us smiles and taking away some of the hate and gloom on the web now a days you and all the others in the casa are doing something amazing. Thank you

  5. Marilyn Lancaster

    Have you ever thought of telling Charlie’s story and include all your posts in a book? Your posts are very entertaining as well as informative. Is there already a book and I just haven’t seen it?

  6. Robin D Mahan

    I share every post! And when I see an independent post or story about Charlie, I tell them about your Facebook page and updates, adventures and stories. I hope you are adding and spreading Charlie’s work as far as possible 🙂

  7. Ann Ownsby-Scott

    Love every posting and it is never dull or boring. Keep the stories coming and Charlie sure looks innocent in this picture….Love it. Thanks!!!

  8. Mickey Snuggs

    Love your adventures, I have my Mickey to thank for getting me out and walking in brutal Florida weather. There is no better walking companion, never says hurry or slow down. The best and he even takes a break so I can stop

  9. Debra Nyman Hirsch

    Lovin’ all the posts but smiled at the subtle nod to James Taylor (I’ve seen fire & I’ve seen rain)!

  10. Heather Shaw

    I’m not a religious person, more spiritual…but I think what you’re doing is God and dogs work in sharing that no matter what the obstacles we face in life, there is a way and a mindset to survive them. You’ve shared with us the things that you and Mom have had to overcome. You’ve shared Charlie’s story, and Stevie’s and Beau’s and all the others. You’ve consistently shown that yes, there is adversary in life, but it doesn’t have to be what defines us. A lot of people find your page because of word of mouth, some see a story about how you found Charlie and become followers that way. This whole thing has become a ministry of sorts. It gives people the hope and the assurance that no matter what the obstacles they face in life, they CAN and WILL make it to the other side. Its a positive thing you do, you share life and life’s stories, the good and the bad and personally I look forward to the postings. I love reading the crazy stories about Charlie and your adventures and the goings on at the Casa. If you realize it or not, you are helping people with this page and I want to thank you for that. What you do is a good thing, and in a world with not enough good stuff being promoted, I’m sticking with you and not so much with CNN.

    • Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

      CNN: Charlie News Network? It’s odd that you use the term “ministry”, as that’s exactly how I view it, hopefully without any preference to a particular denomination. I’ll leave that to those that know more than I, and to be honest, I really don’t care. I spent some time with a lady on her deathbed who told me the night before she died “see you on the other side, but we won’t be brothers and sisters over there; over there we will be as one”.
      Sounds to me a lot like Kipling’s quote, “we be of one blood, ye and I”

    • Heather Shaw

      LOL didn’t think about CNN being the Charlie News Network…and actually that’s pretty spot on! But I’d much rather listen to the musings of an ebony beauty such as herself, then what passes as news these days. Think about how the story of that little dog in a crate, has brought you and the entire family to where you are today. They say that God works in mysterious ways, who’s to say that a higher power then you and I, didn’t plan this whole thing. That “they” didn’t see a need for positivity and lightness. Maybe this is why that goofy girl became the beacon of light in an otherwise dreary world. We are all pawns, but I’d like to think that perhaps for those of us who are essentially playing on the same side, we are able to recognize one another and band together. We are far stronger as a united front, then we are as a single entity. Please keep doing as you’re doing, sharing your life and adventures with the rest of us. For some, they are still in their crate, but maybe through your words and pictures, they will someday find the courage to open it, step out and realize what a beautiful world awaits them.

    • Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

      You need to do a guest stint on the page! Great writing!

    • Heather Shaw

      Thank you, you’re most kind.

  11. Kathy Moody

    Can’t think of a better start to my days than a cup of coffee in my CB mug and the daily posts and pictures from the Casa del Whacko.

  12. Sam Howard

    All directions are well and good as long as our mind stays positive and hopeful, and a little kimble in the bowl.

  13. Maria Dawybida Minerley

    Charlie, your message of hope and survival is what we so truly need. Dad, helping Charlie express her exuberant optimism so eloquently is so important to us all. I look forward to these posts and unsurprisingly, they always seem to be so timely to my own experiences. I absolutely know that you are far more meaningful to people than you will ever imagine. The only thing I can offer to further your message is something akin to Prairie Home Companion, your musings compiled aloud. That would be fun! Thanks again and again.

  14. Christa Harrell

    Love Charlie, she is a beautiful little girl, thanks to Mom and Dad, who took such good care of her, she has developed such a sweet personality!!!!

  15. Marlene Petsche

    I always try and start my day with the wonderful Charlie stories. You bring such sunshine into people’s lives each day. I do not believe you truly know the joy you bring with your wonderful stories…you are making a big difference in lives all over the world and your book is wonderful…thank you, thank you for all you share with us !!!

  16. Deb Reed

    your story is like the best book ever read, you turn the page knowing a new adventure awaits us at every turn, you bring us into the story so we feel like were right there, slipping and sliding down that path, watching for the outline of the car, feeling like it seems father then it should have been , watching Charlie like we knew she would lead us all back to that car no matter what. and knowing again tomorrow we will be led on yet another adventure wether it be watching the little birds dodge for the nectar while sidestepping the bees, or simply seeing the pups run in the rain to do their business, knowing somewhere out there is an adventure waiting to happen.and when we close the book for the night, we know this is just the beginning, I love your writings, i love the beautiful faces of those wonderful pets, and your family that has shared their lives with us, Never change the writings,we love it just the way it is.

  17. Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

    …for all the kind words; your people should be doing guest stints, as you are gifted writers!

  18. Patti Saunders

    You mention the constant barrage of negativity on FB…….I block that stuff! I think your comments are really uplifting, Bret, And I thank you, Charlie, and the rest of your casa.

  19. Jody Hess-Franey

    Charlie’s antics notwithstanding, her words are always inspirational and amazing. The message that no matter how bad you think you’ve got it, there’s someone (human or animal) suffering worse, and you can either wallow in self-pity, or get out and help others in need. Perhaps saving someone else will help save you! For those of us happy to live behind the scenes, or who don’t have the literary chops with words like Charlie does, keep inspiring! I look forward to your posts! You saved Charlie, and she might just be saving us! Thank you!

  20. Priscilla Wellborn Stegenga

    I love how there is always a hint of spirituality in your postings…… a paraphrased Bible verse or nod to the benefits of a relationship with the divine. Keep it up!

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