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I was wrong

Dad here; for those of you who have followed Charlie’s story since the beginning, you will recall that it was always meant to be a refuge from the incessant bad news that seemed to permeate social media at the time, and unfortunately still does. Remember the story of Caetlin, the dog who’s muzzle had been wrapped in duct taped? Ever hear much about her since? I’m sure that she is now leading a wonderful life, but what are the details? If at least half of the depressing stories of abuse and neglect would spend as much effort to advise of the positive outcome, the Web would be a much more positive place.

So that’s how Charlie initially found her voice, and has been charking ever since. Recent events have caused a bit of stress at the Casa, no more or no less than at your particular casa, but I let them affect Charlie’s message, which I was wrong to let happen. Even though she happens to hog my bed and snarf my tater tots, she actually belongs to each of you, as your comments and participation are the fuel that keeps the fires stoked.

This week we celebrate the first holiday of the season, a little more special for me than most, as it was just after Thanksgiving in 2014 that I lay dying in the Ouachita mountains while Zach did the ride of his life in search of help. If that sounds a little melodramatic, I assure you that it’s not; I’ve never told the whole story as it’s still a little raw, but it’s time. It was this situation that put into motion the miraculous chain of events that led us to find the Crate on that rainy day in January. Like life should be, the story is long with many twists and turns, so Charlie will probably make me break it up over two days; she’s kind of bossy like that. Stay tuned!

I recently saw this saying “if I’m called and I am able, how can I not answer?” Well, I have been,and by the Grace of God I’m able, and I assure you that Charlie will continue to answer.

BTW, all orders to the CB store placed on Black Friday and Cyber Monday will receive free shipping. Also, if you would like your calender or anything else personalized in some way, a note or even a muddy paw print, please let us know and if it’s inside the realm of possibility, I promise you that it will happen; we be of one blood, ye and I.

Between the store promotions, the Holiday itself, and the story of the near death experience, the blog is going to be very, shall we say, very “non-boring” over the next few days… if you snooze, you’ll lose!

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  1. Carol Tedford

    Chark Diem!! I love that saying!!

  2. Diana O'Connell

    You are Charlie Bravo are beloved sources of inspiration and we are very grateful to learn from each of you <3

  3. Sam Howard

    Talk away my friend, we are here.

  4. Caitlin Kelly-Jensen

    “Caitlyn” recently did a photo shoot for a calendar. They post things about her once in awhile but I agree. More positive outcomes posted more often.
    Have a great Turkey Day CB and all the Whakos!

  5. Becky Casper Wiltsee

    Charlie Girl, if dad ever kicks you out of the bed, there is room for you at my house. The other dogs will just have to squeeze together a little.

  6. Ann Ownsby-Scott

    Thank you……I look forward to reading your postings every morning to begin my day……

  7. Sandy Lane

    I am all ears waiting to hear the rest of the story!

  8. Ruth Thornton-Thayer

    So your doing 2017 calendars and yes I want the paw print(pawtagraph)

  9. Martita Dlclmo

    Ah bueno pongámonos cómodo jajajaja!!!

  10. Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

    And a note on the calendars: they feature some of the photography from the 2016 trips out west; Colorado, New Mexico, and of course, Arkansas. Vistaprint did the printing, and I’m here to tell you that they set the bar very high when it comes to customer service and quality. A huge shout out to Ayana; we be of one blood, ye and I

  11. Kim Patterson Burton

    They post about Caitlin’s progress ALL the time ….just follow Charleston Animal Society on fb. She has done a few photoshoots and I think one or two have been for national magazines.

  12. Judi Cook- Ross

    Charleston Animal Society makes regular updates on Caitlin….FB friend them and it will come up in your news feed. Also, it helps to drown out the fake news rumbles! Happy Thanksgiving Dad’n Charlie❗️

  13. Anastasia Scheufele

    CAS is always updating about Caitlin! They try to make sure her story doesn’t overshadow those still in need of loving homes, but we get plenty of updates. She is living a happy life, and there was also some legal action on her case too.

  14. Vickie Bellus

    Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to all the members of the Casa. I love your stories and posts they make me smile. Thank you

  15. Rita Wise

    Not sure if I told you we lost our sweet Jessie girl in Sept, cancer took her at age 12. She was a rescue and was so grateful like you Charlie. Our hearts are so ready to bring another joy into our lives but the pain of loosing them hers. We may search for another in 2017. So enjoy your stories…keep’em comin’

  16. Sandy Runyon Lough

    You’re the brightest of spots in so many days. Keep stirring hope into this soup we call life. No accident that you survived the horror of your awful accident. God knows how much we need your sharing the antics and adventures of your casa but, most importantly, your wisdom, humor and wonderful writing. (No dragging your toe in the sand, denying it.) Please never, ever stop charking.

  17. Faith Kidwell

    Dad we all understand everyone just needs to step back for a second and breathe , I never doubted for one minute you and Charlie would stop writing, and you know I know where you live so you can never get rid of ME, hugs kisses and slobbers to the members of the Casa

  18. Shawn Suriano-Wellden

    Sometimes I think it’s unfair that CB motivates me so much when I have such little to return to her. The travels and experiences are a thrill, and inspire me to look ahead as well as behind to see the paths I’ve been on. I can’t wait to own the book, as well as a few other items! Chark Diem!

  19. Debbie Marine Whinnery

    Caitlin is on the calendar with firefighters. I am trying to find out how to order one

  20. Mikki Calm

    Waiting with anticipation, I always enjoy your ” tails “and adventures. Please keep em comin!

  21. Kim Fudge

    Good Morning my beautiful Charlie Girl, it’s been a while since I’ve took the time to read your post, I’m sorry about that, but today I am so glad that I read what Dad had to say, I to wonder what happens to those darlings that we see, are they adopted, are they given the proper medical care, are they loved, like Dad I would love to know. So from here on in I will continue to read each day my sweet Charlie, sometimes we get caught up in ourselves and forget other things., By the way, I wish I could sleep like that, but as I tell my girls, you really should cover up your all but nothings 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love you Sweet Charlie Girl…

  22. Jeanne Mancinelli

    Dad, your blog about Charlie and all the inmates of the casa…(and who could forget Miss Ellie?) …Never boring. I for one do enjoy the stories and insights. You have a universal message…and the creativity shown in getting it out there is great. CHARK deium

  23. Terri Lindsey

    Happy Thanksgiving from Captain Marvel. Marvel will be spending the first of many happy holidays with his new family.

  24. Claudia Burris

    I look forward to reading a morning post from you everyday. It brightens my day !’
    Always ready to hear what is going on with CB and the Casa inmates ❤️

  25. Patti Saunders

    Your story of your “dying” is not melodramatic. I had a similar experience (luckily I wasn’t out in the mountains) and I knew I was going to die for sure!!! Tell it like it was…….It happened and now we have wonderful Charlie, you are healthy and we all love what you post. Be sure to give those wondrous critters some turkey. Blessings to you and yours!!!

  26. Fran Scott

    I don’t think anybody out here will be snoozing — we’ll be hanging on to every word. I should be quite a saga 🙂

  27. Terry Weidert

    Hey dad. Get that belly. Make her howl

  28. Julie Yost

    I so wish and pray that someday every dog will know this kind of security and love!

  29. Kathy Moody

    This picture just shows how confident Charlie is in her life now. Kudos to you and yours. We will always be here to hear the stories when you and yours are ready to talk.

  30. Christina Totaro Renfer

    She’s airing out her girly bits.

  31. Mary Lou Force

    You post about anything and everything you want to. We all love your family and you have no obligation to try to be cheerful when you aren’t. We want to hear how you really are. Trust me.

  32. Rosemary McKenna

    What date do you consider to be Charlie’s birthday or “gotcha” day? I’ve read and re-read her story a # of times and looked at the photos from when you found her and the her transformation is still amazing and a miracle. Even though I have to work, I’m looking forward to Charlie Bravo Day on Friday. Wishing all of you a very blessed, happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

  33. RaVae Wilhelm Lewis

    How is that story you promised us coming?

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