The Charlie Bravo Story

Life’s been good to me so far…

Some time back, we inmates got together and scribbled this tribute to Joe Walsh on the back of a Gravy Train bag; even though Stevie has left this mortal coil, it still feels good to include the janky-eyed girl.

My name is Charlie, was trapped in a crate
A victim of cruelty, indifference and hate two short guys on Hondas, arrived through the rain
Released me from bondage, terror and pain.

Now I’m queen of the Casa, Lady of the Bed
I hog the whole thing, and sleep like I’m dead
Dad does my bidding, that’s how it should be
I rupture his eardrums when I have to pee.

I’m a new dog after all I’ve been through
I can’t complain because I do not have to
Life’s been good to me so far…

My name is Stevie, I lived in the sticks
Infested with vermin, chiggers and ticks
My left eye looks eastward,  the right one looks west
The others don’t matter, dad likes me the best.

I’m Mia the Nimble, the Red Spazcrobat
A younger version of Angel, not nearly as fat
I’m an ear licker, my tongue’s a Q tip
I’d rather not travel, as I get car car sick.

I’m Max E. Million, the one with the beard
My mustache and eyebrows universally feared
I’m wise beyond measure is what they convey
The ladies all love me, that’s all I can say.

Lucky we’re inmates after all we’ve been through
The inmates not the warden are running this zoo,
Life’s been good to us so farrrr…

Dad is the warden and hasn’t a clue
We’ve got him outwitted, there’s naught he can do
At home on the highway, tunes cranked on the deck
If he thinks we’re not going, he needs a brain check.

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  1. Danielle Scott

    If I meet Joe Walsh, I’ll show thi

  2. Danielle Scott

    If I meet Joe Walsh, I’ll show this to him. Seeing him in ATL this summer! Dare to dream, right?? It’s awesome you were able to describe all the “dastardly” inmates 😛

  3. Kate Nichols

    My first laugh of the day! That was excellent!

  4. Luke Sherwood

    Like it miss Charlie, and of course who could ever forget stevie the wonder pooch.

  5. Rita Wise

    Sweet Stevie will always be remembered. Great poet Charlie Girl. Love all the inmates!!!

  6. Jennifer Minard

    You are the best Charlie!

  7. Carrie Riches

    I see that Charlie really gives you the breathing room you need! 😀

  8. Vickie Bellus

    That was awesome Chalie Girl!!! Thank you for sharing your life with all of us!

  9. Marlene Petsche

    Oh Charlie girl you do have a way with words!! 🙂

  10. Lynn Hudson

    Hilarious Charlie…truly funny <3

  11. Connie Allard

    Your writing is very poetic. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Well written!

  12. Sheri Weiler

    This is totally PAWESOME!!!!! Love it so much. <3

  13. Lisa Taylor

    Your dogs are awesome as you are for all the love you spread for them you all are angels

  14. Leigh Pevreal

    Ya know, I still have the money I wanted to send you for the calendar. I want to include a hand-written letter and I haven’t had time to write it… crate much!? Where am I headed with this..? Even though I’m crazy in love with our Charlie, our Stevie burrowed into my heart and set up residence and it was the tribute to her that I loved best about it all. Would you mind putting it up for me again? I’ll cry but it’ll be worth it. *I’m tearing up now just thinking about her.

  15. Brenda Harrison

    Thank you for sharing Charlie’s story and all the escapades at the Casa 🙂

  16. Cathy Powell Filliben

    Some more good poetry. Enjoyed it.

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