The Charlie Bravo Story

The Ballad of Charlie Bravo

Some time ago, dad was trying his hand at a children’s book, and was attempting to put my story into rhyme; I told him that he needs to stick to his chauffeuristic tendencies and leave the writing to me.

It’s said that the young dwell on the future because they have no past, and the old talk about the past because they have no future; I disagree, as both have a past AND a future, it’s just sometimes easy to overlook.

Anyway, it’s obvious in which category dad finds himself, as his mind kept going back to a poem from long ago, “The Touch of the Master’s Hand”, and this is what emerged:

Twas ragged and raw and the riders saw She had been there for quite a while
In a crate in a field with no end in sight,
No houses for many a mile.
They stopped for a bit, then left in a cloud
Of dust and exhaust so blue;
She resigned herself that this was her fate–
The crate was all she knew

She pricked up her ears as a sound approached and the riders came back into sight.
So weak she was, she could barely move,
Her famine overcoming her fright.
But here was a change, hands reaching out,
inflicting something much different than pain.
They left once again, came back with a truck,
And headed for home in the rain.

Due to her plight, she spent the first night
Sleeping with Zach and the bikes.
Hondas and Harleys, though great on the road,
Were not the bedpartners she likes.
Next day at the spa with Alex and Ma;
Transformation taking place all the while.
First the smell, then the pain, vanished down the drain
Leaving a black coat and white smile.

As her confidence grew, her message did, too
That we all live in some sort of crate
But no matter how hopeless our conditions may seem,
Hope never fails if we wait.
Now she hogs dad’s whole bed, from the foot to the head
She’s the Queen of the Casa, you know.
She rides in a hack, it’s a sidecar so black
Her name is Charlie Bravo!


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  1. Rosie O'Grady

    Love her story. Never too late for a second chance (or third, or fourth . . .).

  2. Annette Eakins

    Awe made me cry! Very nice. Of course I cry about everything these days……. Makes my day to see Charlie Bravo – The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story!

  3. Karen Dye-Walker

    “Dad” is a wonderful writter! (from one to another ;))

  4. Carrie Sawyer Baldwin

    You’re posts are the first thing I look for when I start my day, and you never disappoint. ❤️ God bless you and all that inhabit the Casa!

  5. Sherry Ralph Jadrnak

    Fantastic! This should be on the inside cover jacket of the book; the first thing people read 🙂

  6. Darling Nikki

    Always makes me cry when I think of you in that crate…

  7. Marlene Petsche

    That is really beautiful and I agree, it should be just inside the book so it is the first thing you read…☺

  8. Paula Hodges

    Love it!!!!! Absolutely love it!!!

  9. Pam Rollins

    Bravo! Love Charlie’s story

  10. Sandy Runyon Lough

    Move over, Messieurs Frost, Wordsworth and Longfellow. You have some mighty fine company.

  11. Jane Boyer McGuigan

    I love the poem! Makes me teary, but so happy for the ending!

  12. Jan Davis

    That’s awesome..never get tired of hearing Charlie’s could probably make a best selling hit out if it, get out your bango dad!!

  13. Krista Wargo

    Happy tears <3 .. I still have goosebumps from reading that!! Miss Charlie, I never tire of hearing or reading your story!!

  14. Diane Brannon-Keech

    Love it…it sets the scene for the read. FYI…I have added meeting you and CB to my bucket list of things I must do in my lifetime. You are such an inspiration to me on how to view life in a positive way even when all you are presented is negative.

  15. Rita Wise

    Love it! Charlie your the most!

  16. Kathy Moody

    Love it! LOVE IT! Need that on a plaque.

  17. Luke Sherwood

    Your good at what you do miss Charlie, but a book of your exploits would be a fab idea. Written by you of course.

  18. Karen Ragle

    That is wonderful. It should definitely be in the book!

  19. Debbie Vowels

    Great poem Charlie & dad❤️

  20. Lynn Hudson

    That’s lovely…so full of hope and love!! Thank you xxx

  21. Valerie Joyce Kerr

    Your talents never cease to amaze. Now I need to find another pack of tissues.

  22. Fata Primavera

    i love happy ending stories, with forever happy

  23. Fata Primavera

    you go trough all emotion reading this story, surprise, shock, worry, sad, terribly upset , craving punisments, justice, and finally happy and contempt that it is all finishing as it should had always been

  24. Anna Staffini Cammelli

    Know her story, and always moving reading it! A poem that comes from both your hearts, Charlie Bravo and Dad.

  25. John Mcgregor

    I both love and hate this story. Animal cruelty is bad enough but whoever abandoned Charlie Bravo tortured that poor pooch. I cringe, after seeing the photos, when I think how long she was in that crate. As terrible as the action of leaving her was, what an example of power that the will to live can be.

  26. Leigh Pevreal

    That is brilliant, I love it! It’ll be in the book too…?

  27. Lisa Taylor

    What a perfectly awesome story

  28. Deb Silva

    Thought I heard banjos as I was reading The Ballad of Charlie Bravo.

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