The Charlie Bravo Story

MacDuff’s last post

Yo, Dad!
Whassup, MacDuff?
Where are we going, and where are the other dogs? And why aren’t we on the motorcycle?
You really don’t remember what day it is, do you? This is your “Gotcha” day; it was two years ago today that I found you down on the River Trail. I figured that you and I would take a little trip together back to the place we first met; you know, for old times sake. We could even stop and pick up some snacks on the way…
Sounds like a plan, Dad! But wait; what if that trio of meth heads is down there? The ones in the white truck that were trying to get me to go with them that day ?
Oh, I wouldn’t worry about them, Duff. The shelf life of the ordinary meth junkie is relatively short, and I’m sure that two years is well beyond their expiration date. And even if they were there, there is no way that they would recognize the grand old man that you have became. Besides, I didn’t let them nab you the first time; what, do you think that I’ve lost some of my swagger since then?
Well, Dad, it HAS been two years, and a lot of water has passed beneath that particular bridge…
Shut up and stick your head back out the window, Duff; I don’t need to be hearing any more back talk from you today…
Hey, Dad?
Hey, Duff…
We make a good team, don’t we?
Yep, MacDuff, I have to admit that we do; Happy Gotcha Day, old man.

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