The Charlie Bravo Story

Mom needs intervention.

This story takes place before I entered the picture, but it gives insight into the asylum that is the Casa Del Whackos; Dad is the mouth but mom is the legs of the operation, keeping his car stocked with dog food in the eventuality of finding strays, and she’s the one that leaps into action when dad brings a dog like me home. Before moving out, Zach and Kat had always been instrumental in nursing these animals back to health, and dealing with the cases that sometimes don’t turn out so well. We have a pretty good thing going, never a dull moment, but mom being mom, she sometimes gets a bit carried away.

A prime example: dad comes home from work only to find a greasy little mouse incarcerated in the bathtub. His efforts(the mouse, not Dad’s) to escape his holding cell make him look like a miniature Tony Hawk navigating a half pipe, his oily little feet doing a Fred Flinstone on the porcelain in an effort to reach the top and freedom. While dad is usually  prepared for encountering  odd sights at the Casa, this was a bit beyond the norm.
Mom had caught the mouse on a glue trap, but wasn’t prepared carry the plan through to it’s logical conclusion where the mouse transfers his address from “behind the baseboards” to “in the trash can”. She read on the box where you can release the mouse from the trap  by using vegetable oil to break down the glue, which proved very effective, but now what to do with the mouse?

 Dad made the observation that she couldn’t very well commute the the mouse’s sentence to time served and release into the wild, as now the other mice might mistake it for a french fry, and we all know THAT scenario won’t be featured in a Disney cartoon. As usual, dad overplayed the situation and got mom feeling sorry for the mouse, then went on about his business,  tinkering with the bikes, etc, returning to the scene of the crime later to find the mouse with no signs of oily trauma,  reclining on a bed of cotton balls, secure in his own Casa del Terrarium.

Do what?

 Mom had given the mouse a bath and blow dried and styled his fuzzy little coiffure; how she did this without getting bitten is beyond me, but as it is written, so was it done.

 Sadly, no photo documentation exists of this episode, but the mouse became an inmate of the Casa for some time before meeting his untimely demise due to the actions of Uki the Wonder Dog, a story for another day: its always a party at the, well, you know the rest…

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  1. Marlene Petsche

    Awww Mom you have such a big heart 🙂

  2. Darling Nikki

    Mom is an awesome lady with a big heart.

  3. Ruth Thornton-Thayer

    With 2 cats I have saved many a mice, but once I really led one mice to his death, I grabbed it from Tiger and let it go out the back door, only to find it the next morning in our pool skimmer. It was dark out, poor little guy never saw the dark descent into the cement pond!!

  4. Cathy Buro-Yauch

    Mice are cute! <3 they deserve life too. Lol

  5. Diane Brannon-Keech

    Had me in tears laughing at the image of mom oiling up that mouse….Did she make a shirt and hat for him as well? Somehow ending up at your casa always ends up like a Cinderella story (most of the time)

  6. Luke Sherwood

    Nice outfit miss Charlie.

  7. Vicki Efurd

    Did you find it riding a motorcycle around your house too?!! Lol. Mom is a lady after my own heart. I’ve rescued birds, squirrels, mice…I’m just a big softy

  8. Fran Scott

    This little mousie was probably the most pampered mousie in history (with the exception of Mickey and Minnie). Almost as funny as the bunny in the Cheetos bag caper 🙂

  9. Leigh Pevreal

    I can’t do away with the little buggers either, they get let go in the paddock with stern words to stay away from the cat, the dog and the house. Minus the flash as hairdo mind you!

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