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Somewhere is right here…

Dad just saw a study that showed Americans are some of the most stressed workers in the “civilized” world; DUH! just one look at dad’s face on any Sunday night would have saved the researchers a whole lot of time and effort. The study also showed that stress levels could be significantly reduced by changes in diet, exercise, and meditation, so that tells me that our destiny lies not in the hands of those that would control us through fear and intimidation, but within ourselves.

Today’s video is “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel “Iz” Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole,one of dad’s all time favorites. Brother Iz was struck down early in life by complications from morbid obesity, at one time weighing over 750 pounds, and the following video contains scenes of his funeral.

Why would this be a suitable song for a Monday? Because it shows that there can be joy in every day and every situation; we all carry our “Somewhere” within us.

Of course, mine is a bit easier to find than most, as I am Charlie Bravo!

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  1. Jan Davis

    What a beautiful voice..Charlie you sure know how to bring a tear to my eyes..

  2. Kris Taylor-O'Brien

    I totally love listening to this song! First it’s my all-time favorite song, second he had an incredible voice!

  3. Mollie Walls

    This was played at my son’s funeral as he is somewhere over a rainbow! Love your insights to our daily life. CB have a great Monday!!!

  4. Elisabeth Parrish

    Iz spread joy all through his life with his lifting music and his shining soul.. thank you for the reminder, Charlie! So many folks are trapped by financial necessity in jobs that are unbearable for one reason or the other. They just have to remember to grab the little joys in life and hold them in their heart to lift out during bad moments.

  5. Mary Walker

    Iz was truly unique and special. A gift, really. Much like you, Charlie.

  6. Sam Howard

    Beautiful way to start the day. No offense to anyone but there’s something very beautiful and soulful about a Hawaiian final farewell.

  7. Marjorie Erdman

    I would not be able to do my job as a social worker without meditation and the amazing support of my family and friends. Thanks for this reminder.

  8. Fran Scott

    I think he’s also singing about the Rainbow Bridge for our fur people…

  9. Jeannine Prince

    I chose this song for my mom’s graveside service in March of 2003 becuse we loved it, and it and I felt it brought beauty to a sad late winter day. I have 4 of Iz’ cd’s, and need to dust them off and play them. Thanks for the reminder, Charlie.

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