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About the current political/social debacle; The Chinese have a saying, “when it’s not necessary to say a thing, it’s necessary not to say it”. I’ll take it a step further; I don’t know what to say, but I feel compelled to say it anyway.

We have been on the road for the last few days, with plenty of great stories and experiences to relate, so stay tuned; the story of Emma and the Tunica Humane Society is forthcoming Sunday as promised.

One of the peculiarities of traveling in the temperamental Subaru is that she only has an old push-button AM/FM radio for a would-be sound system; the result is a lot of chasing static from the left to the right of the dial. Even though I try to turn it off and live for the rhythm of the road, I find myself continually returning to the sound of the crime, so you can only imagine the amount of opinionated aural sludge that gets pumped through Miss Ellie’s tinny speakers.

So here I am, camping and exploring some of the most beautiful places in all creation, in the company of two of the finest, most loyal traveling companions any man could ask for, and what do I do? I saddle myself with worries and concerns that I couldn’t affect one iota if I was home at the Casa, much less out and about.

I know that we are all have our knickers in a twist over the current status of our nation, and the whole world, for that matter. I can only imagine the number of differing viewpoints among the readers of this page, but what I would rather focus on is what brings us together, not what drives us apart. Regardless of our political, religious, or social differences, is gives me an immense deal of gratitude and peace knowing that something as simple as the story of a ragged dog in a crate can bring us all together.

So step back from the maelstrom of the media. Take a deeeeep breath; inhale peace. Exhale hate. As I write these words, the snores of the inmates sprawled everywhere creates a much more satisfying symphony than anything being pumped over the airwaves; they are resting peacefully in the confidence that no matter what anyone one else may say, all things work together for the good.

And now, for some inexplicable reason, Charlie has risen from the dead and has decided that an extended face-licking session is in order, so it looks like we’ll be occupied for a while.

See you on Sunday!

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  1. Robin D Mahan

    Thank you, and have a blast! I love this post 🙂

  2. Leilani Cabral

    Good morning Charlie Bravo and your dad too! Have a safe trip.

  3. Christine Raznoff

    I’ve been sitting here this morning reading FB and fretting over the discord. When I got to the end of your post, I realized I was listening to my own symphony of snores (one dog, one husband haha). Thanks for bringing me back to my actual reality which is actually quiet pleasant. 🙂

  4. Jeanne Mancinelli

    It is nice to read the voice of a calm reality(IF you can call life with Charlie calm!)

  5. Kathy Moody

    Sitting in front of my campfire/gas logs watching the sun rise out the fron window. All peaceful here too.

  6. Debbie Marine Whinnery

    Well said. Have a wonderful trip.Charlie you are beautiful

  7. Janice Mecca

    Wonderful words of wisdom…thank you.

  8. Carol Tedford

    Thanks Charlie and Dad.. I just posted something on dad’s post and of course, Charlie and Dad in all their wisdom knew what I needed to hear. Chark Diem!!

  9. Dee Soulier

    Chark on Ms Charlie and the other inmate of Casa Del Wakos

  10. Janice Morat Rounsaville

    Well said as usual! Thank you, and may you and yours have a blessed day!

  11. Ann Ownsby-Scott

    Well said and so true…Safe travels and enjoy the adventures….

  12. Kathleen Ellis Delatorre

    A newspaper or magazine should hire you for your stories and adventures!

  13. Rebecca Parks Gaston

    It really is that simple. Thanks for a nice start to Saturday.

  14. Verna S. Clancy

    I do love Charlie and am very thankful someone saved her from abandonment.

  15. Sam Howard

    Very wise saying, but your words always make us back up and take a look around us and go OH S____…

  16. Diana Handros

    Yes, I agree. This morning I drove a leg of a dog transport to get this girl to her foster home. It helps keep my grounded to pour myself into the dogs. I would love to keep all of them.

  17. Cathy Brown

    I love this picture–a Kodak moment. Backdropped by a continual solid rock with rite of passage to a blue horizon for those that choose that passage.

  18. Linda Lee Nicolosi

    I love that “inhale peace exhale hate” I’m going to start using that when I hear someone being hateful

  19. Jeanne Parsons

    Really nice pic!!! 🙂 <3

  20. Deb Brunelle Charron

    You nailed it, Bret. And nothing like a faithful canine companion or two to bring you back to the matter at hand: love!

  21. Carrie Reid

    Your post hit home and turning off the news media. Embracing the change.. wishing all peace love and civility to one another in our great country.

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