The Charlie Bravo Story

The waiting is the hardest part

Of all the hardships a person has to face, none is more punishing than the simple act of waiting.
Khaled Hosseini, A Thousand Splendid Suns

 What is more torturous, waiting in anticipation or in apprehension? When I was in the crate, every minute stretched into an eternity only to be interrupted by the sound of an approaching vehicle, the hope of rescue marred by the fear of the unknown; after a while,  the only conscious thought I remember having was “why me?”

Then it occured to me: why NOT me? I’m as well equipped to handle this as anyone, so why not dispense with the pity party and get on with what part of life I CAN impact, not the part I can’t. This is when I  began chewing and tearing at the roof of my prison, a hopeless gesture to some, but dad is firmly convinced that I would have finished the job and clawed my way to freedom had not he and Zach happened along when they did.

This being said, I will admit that the hour I spent alone when they left to get the truck was worse than the days, maybe weeks, spent inside the crate, because now I had hope, and “hope deferred maketh the heart sick”. But hope is always followed by faith, and I had to have faith that they would return, and return they did, to the exceeding benefit of all concerned.

Now, for most people, everything seems to be about waiting,  waiting for the weekend, waiting to go on vacation, waiting on the next election, the next round of chemo, the next paycheck, etc, for good or for bad, always waiting for something to happen to us, not for us.

Why wait on the things we can’t control, but put in motion the things that we can? Sure, everyone knows that I have declared every Friday to be Official Charlie Bravo Day, but why should I wait? I can have as much fun on Wednesday afternoon as I can on Friday night; the secret is to always be mindful of what you can do for others in between, preferably for someone  or something who can do nothing in return; this action alone can do more to heal the plague of depression afflicting this planet than all the medications, legal and otherwise, combined.

If we can’t fix everything, should we not fix anything? I think not!  Regardless of your situation in life, at a cancer treatment center, nursing home, homeless shelter, too old, too young, etc, etc, it matters not, but WE all do and whether you recognize it or not,  your actions make a difference to someone.

And Nikki? Stay strong; we have your back.

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  1. Diane Brannon-Keech

    Well said…..Nikki remember you are a bad ass!

  2. Darling Nikki

    You just brought tears streaming down my face! Well said Charlie. Thank you for your thoughts and your support!

  3. Callie Brucks

    I had rescued a dog. For the first time in 9 years since being raped I slept all night. No anxiety attacks. No more meds. Now we’ve moved into an apartment that wants a letter saying she’s a therapy dog and my doctor won’t sign it because I was never actually diagnosed with generalized anxiety and she’s only had me as a patient for about a year. Now I’ve got to find Angel a home and am back on meds. I think we have a pretty messed up healthcare system all the way around.

  4. Anna Staffini Cammelli

    We can make the difference! No matter how little it seems, it could be great and important for someone else.

  5. Sandra Fisher

    Callie Brucks, you break my heart. Find another doctor. This just isn’t right!

    • Callie Brucks

      I truly don’t know where to turn. There just aren’t any other doctors here except for the ones at that clinic and in order to get w different Doctor I have to leave the clinic

  6. Margie Webb

    I love that book so much.

  7. Luke Sherwood

    I wouldn’t care how long it took to win a fluffies friendship and trust, if it meant they got the love and help they needed.
    Whatever it takes is worth the wait.

  8. Sandy Runyon Lough

    Indeed we do, Nikki. (Sheer poetry, Charlie.)❤️

  9. Rita Wise

    You touch my heart Charlie girl….you touch my heart❤️

  10. Brenda Payton

    Excellent words of wisdom.

  11. Cecilia Blanco

    Me encanta ésta historia.

  12. Cathy Powell Filliben

    Maybe get another Doctor? Hope it works out for you Callie Brucks. 🙂

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