The Charlie Bravo Story

Yo dad…

What’s up, Charlie? It’s 0415; you should be busy sleeping and crowding me off of the bed like usual, not waking me up with excessive face slobbers.

If you must know, it’s just that I’m a bit bummed that you’re going back to work tomorrow; whatever happened to you and I hoboing around the country with Miss Ellie and blogging about our experiences?

Well, Chuckilicious, that’s still the dream, but sometimes dreams take a bit longer than when hatched, or even change and evolve into even bigger and better than originally conceived. It certainly doesn’t mean that they’re dead.

Do you still think we have something unique here?

I’m sure that everyone who has a special dog would answer that question the same way, but considering all things, the way we met, the message of the Crate, and the movement it has empowered, I would say yes, Your Charkness, it’s pretty dang unique. Even though you are the very epitome of “high maintenance”, your goofy prescence has helped me through some especially dark times.

So what’s the plan now?

To keep spreading your message; that we all have crates in our lives, crates that others may see as intolerable but we have grown so accustomed to the confines that we refuse to be released but instead continue to embrace our bondage. But change is always an option.

But daaaaad, you were released from a particularly vile crate back in September; how do you know that tomorrow you’re not just climbing into another of a different shape and color?

The short answer, Charlie? I don’t, but I do believe in hope. Times and circumstances change, and paths are placed before us for us to explore; the only way to determine that a road is a dead end is to forge ahead, keeping a keen eye out for the signs. Then again, a path that appears to be dead end may simply be a detour, a temporary exit off of the freeway to refuel; it’s difficult to make the necessary connections to the right people when you’re flying down the interstate.

So, when’s the next trip, dad?

Charlie, you know better than anyone that every time we leave the Casa, even for a short run to the hardware store, is the “next trip”. But if by trip you mean another epic adventure out west, it will have to wait until summer, but never fear, it will happen; the call is too strident to ignore.



Wha, what, dad?

How long have you been asleep, just letting me ramble on?

Uh, dad, that’s what you sometimes do, whether I’m asleep or not, just figured that I would take advantage of the situation… now, if you’re quite done yapping, how about a little butt scratching to escort this old girl back to the Land of Nod? There ya go, that’s what I’m talking about!

‘Night, Charlie; or is that “morning”?

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  1. Debbie Marine Whinnery

    Charlie you are awesome,always makes me smile.

  2. Jan Davis

    Best of luck on your new adventure you Charlie❤

  3. Dee Soulier

    thank you Ms Charlie and Dad for the wonderful chuckle and Chark On ..and oh Ms Charlie just settle back and dream about the next aventure from the Cas del Wakos

  4. Kathy Moody

    Good luck on the next episode. Change is inevitable. But that bond won’t break because of it.

  5. Connie Allard

    Congratulations on your new position. Love Charlie, such a sweetheart!

  6. Sarah Champion

    Good luck, Bret! This sweet girl has set you up to succeed, there’s no denying that! 😀

  7. Linda Hubbard

    Good luck with your new job.

  8. Shawn Suriano-Wellden

    I hope your Monday is fantastic!

  9. Liz Bell Dotterer

    Have a great first day tomorrow!

  10. Karen Kopchick

    I have learned that dogs <3 butt scratching !!!!!!!!

  11. Susan Regan

    Best wishes for your new job to turn out great!

  12. Diane Brannon-Keech

    Sometimes not knowing what is around the corner can be scary. Tackle tomorrow as it comes. You will have the excitement of a new a journey and wagging tails to come home to. I tell my granddaugters every morning before they head off to school to do good things…So Charlie be sure to tell dad to do good things tomorrow!

  13. Patti Saunders

    Just curious, what’s your new job? Good Luck!!!!!

  14. Brenda Harrison

    Charlie girl, when I get anxious about when something will happen, I remind myself that the Lord has perfect timing. Even when we might disagree. Keep the faith, and have a great day tomorrow Dad ❤

  15. Cathy Buro-Yauch

    I have not left my company but will be starting a new position tomorrow as well. I have left the confines of my comfortable crate to explore a new one. I can only have faith that this will be a bigger and better one filled with new adventures. Maybe this one will leave the door open for me to explore other things as well. I wish you all the luck with your new job and I have faith that these things truly do happen for a reason.

  16. Sherry Ralph Jadrnak

    Goodbye kisses in the morning

  17. Sherry Ralph Jadrnak

    Waiting for me when I get home

  18. Anna Farmer

    Congratulations on the job…you’ve rejoined the rest of us

  19. Amanda Dannehl Hutchins

    Congratulations on the new adventure! Hey, I don’t know anything about where you will be working, but maybe Charlie could be hired as company spokes dog?

  20. Susan Stroda

    Good luck with your new job adventure!

  21. Darlene Cartier

    Best wishes on this new adventure dad.

  22. Sue Robilliard

    Congratulations, Dad, on your new job. I hope it’s everything you want it to be, and Charlie, you can still slobber all over Dad. Every day there will be a reunion

  23. Sam Howard

    Best of luck to you; don’t forget dog treats on the way home.

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