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This is why we do what we do; it’s not about scoring an adrenaline fix, or some kind of narcissistic “look at me” kind of thing, but more a chance to share the experiences of the road with those that sometimes can’t. It’s not that our experiences are better, but they are definitely different.

Part of the purpose of this journey was to determine a direction for my story; we were coming across Oklahoma in the wee hours of the morning when dad picked up a what appeared to be a syndicated radio show hosted by “Delilah”. She made the comment we’ve all heard a million times, “do what you love and never work a day in your life”, but then modified it to “find what you love doing and then do it for someone else”.

Wow, talk about a paradigm changing moment; can you imagine doing this type of pilgrimage, regularly, covering a different part of the country each time? Going low budget, beneath the radar, the type of routes that anyone with limited resources could follow should they be assailed with an acute case of wanderlust?

Dad met his doppelganger on top of Capulin,(more on this guy later, what a story), a type of shaman, if you will; he caught us a bit off guard when he asked dad “what do you want me to pray for?” Dad’s immediate response:


Nikki, hang in there and know that we’re hanging with you; nothing is as bad as worrying about it, and whether times are good or bad, “this too shall pass”.

See you somewhere down the road…

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