The Charlie Bravo Story

Role Call

Dad here; life never seems to slow down at the Casa. Time advances like a leaf floating in the current, seeming to be unmoving in the distance, then speeding up as it approaches only to vanish beneath your bow, never to be seen again. Such is the parade of characters that have inhabited this madhouse over the years; just since Charlie started this adventure, we have seen the passing of Stevie, Max, and Bull Taco…
The Charlie Bravo Story

Sleeping with Claire

Dad here; zero dark thirty at the Casa. Through my eye slits I can see mom's voluptuous figure silhouetted in the bedroom doorway; maybe if I lay still enough, she'll continue on her migration the Land of the Kitchen to create the elixir of life, that wonderful brew that miraculously replaces antidepressants, jumper cables, and industrial strength laxatives, all in one wonderful cup. Like motorcycles, if coffee were discovered today, it would never be allowed…
The Charlie Bravo Story

The Black Dog

Have you ever felt like you're running from your calling? Dad here; when Charlie and I first met and she began to blog, we were determined that this would be a refuge from the constant negativity on the web. As the years have passed, we have unfortunately encountered unpleasant situations that needed sharing among the familial units, the loss of Stevie, Max, Bull Taco, the loss of my job, the decline of my dad, the…
Friends of Charlie Bravo

Too much to gain to lose

Daylight softens around the edges at the Casa, and the dusk and dew conspire to start falling simultaneously. Mom is off somewhere getting a little two-wheeled therapy on the Yamaha, and the hummingbirds have descended en masse in a last ditch effort to decimate our sugar reserves before nightfall is complete. Sunday night should be the most peaceful time of the week, but often the exact opposite is true; anxiety begins to build before the…
The Charlie Bravo Story

Roadside Shrine

When dad and I head west, we always seem to gravitate towards the northern New Mexico/southern Colorado area. One of our favorite things about the area is the multitude of small shrines that dot the high desert landscape, some beside the roads, others tucked away under a bluff or up an arroyo. We have to inspect each one and the seemingly random gifts and memorials that seem to always fill them. A sun-bleached hat, extinguished…
The Charlie Bravo Story

Turn the page

Dad and I dropped by Dr Shaw's clinic last week to check on Achilles, the future poster pup for Ramien Noodles. His back legs are getting stronger daily, he has already doubled in girth and length since we first encountered the little goober that day in the cemetery, and soon we should see him fully recovered. A million thanks for your contributions; you know who you are; the generosity of the Charlie Bravo family never…
The Charlie Bravo Story


Wow, for that few months, it's been crazy times at the Casa del Whackos, and not necessarily the good kind. Life changes involving the death of a parent, extracation from certain tar baby-like situations, and the steady ennui of every day life can suck the mojo out of a writer's collective subconscious, making it difficult to spread the joy on the toast while trudging through the morass of mental molasses. But for everything there is…
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