The Charlie Bravo Story

The Jungle Book

Dad here; yesterday I was talking to one of my oldest and wisest friends... I don't mean old, as in "ready for the home and having a problem with incontinence" old, although after some of the barbs she threw my way, I shouldn't feel the the responsibility to clear that up. I should let you go on thinking that she is doddering around in a housedress clutching her walker with the tennis balls on the…
The Charlie Bravo Story

Seek first thy brother’s wealth

This excerpt is from a post back in 2016; now, before you think the Charles has gotten lazy, just bear with me for a minute. How could they see anything but the shadows if they were never allowed to move their heads?”  ― Plato, The Allegory of the Cave An old friend of dad’s found my story last night, and like most, her initial response was, “how sad!”. Then she dug farther into the posts…
The Charlie Bravo Story


It's been raining at the Casa del Whackos for the last two days; I have had no inclination to go outside and frolic, and dad has been putting an inordinate amount of time into finishing the book, so that has left me with plenty of opportunity to reflect on some of our recent adventures. Dad and I went to New Mexico back in December, "just because", as sometimes we need to just stop, drop and…
The Charlie Bravo Story

The way home

Dad here; where is "home"? Not the brick and mortar building that the mortgage company no doubt owns more of than you do anyway, but that place where you can reconnect and recharge? Is it in a few minutes of stillness and solitude in the evening? Or in boisterous community around a kitchen table? Is it in walking or running or biking through streets or through hills? Is it in listening to music? Or, better…
The Charlie Bravo Story

Claire Bear

Many questions have been asked about the origins of the Claire Bear; thus us exactly why dad and I started the blog at as a supplement to the Facebook page. Beteeen the facts that my story has so many twists and turns and also that FB has a tendency to move posts around willy-nilly, we decided we needed a place where we could keep the posts in chronological order. This was so if some…
The Charlie Bravo Story

Wait for the morning

Dad here; life since Charlie Bravo has been a rollercoaster, albeit one without the benefit of safety belts to give a sense of security, or rails to give the car a sense of direction. In that case, I guess that it's been like life in general for everyone else on the planet, except exponentially sped up by the catalyst of a sleek black force of nature that gave it some direction. Before we go any…
The Charlie Bravo Story

The Marcoterrorist

The darkest hour is always just before dawn, but even through the inky blackness, we can detect movement along the perimeter. The Marcoterrorist is up to his usual tactics, using the volume of mom's lumberjack activities(does OSHA know that she operates a sawmill at night? Is that even legal?) to cover the sound of his stealthy approach as he probes our defenses in search of a way of attack. By our defenses, I am implying…
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